Friday, June 02, 2006

Blues Creation-Blues Creation[1969 Japan Heavy Blues Rock

from the land of the lama's who go again to the land of the rissing sun

Out of the ashes of the forerunner BICKKIES, mainman Kazuo Takeda(g) formed at the end of the 60's BLUES CREATION, together with Fumio Nunoya(vo), Takayuki Noji(b) and Shinichi Tashiro(ds). In 1969 they released the debut album "Blues Creation",which contains coverversions of CREAM, YARDBIRDS,etc. At that time, almost all members were still High School students.

After a big chance in the line-up, Kazuo founded new members in Hiromi Osawa(vo), Masashi Saeki(b) and Akiyoshi Higuchi(ds). With the new members their sound also changed from the early days and in 1971 BLUES CREATION released their masterpiece "Demon & Eleven Children". At almost the same time, the band recorded another album with female singer Carmen Maki, which become famous 'cause of this album, titled "Carmen Maki & Blues Creation".

After these releases BLUES CREATION were popular and they hold status as a new Japanese Rock act. But in 1972 they split up and the members were going into different directions. Founder Kazuo Takeda formed a new band,called CREATION ,which became successful in Japan as a Hardrock band,

This album is worth downloading because Kazuo Takeda does excelent guitar work.

Yuya Uchida produced the albums by Creation

and he did a excelent job on those records

head over to Time Traveler Blog for the records by Creation(in 320 kbits!)

which Bruce sent to him,who bought them.



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