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The Dream-The Dream Archives[Dutch Psychedelic Rock]

Highly Recommended!
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excellent dutch psychedelic rock
from 68 to 71

this contains all single's and unreleased tracks for a album wich was planned to be released
thanks to max from the philephines for this
(his brother was in the band)

sadly the b-side for the first single was not included on the cd
personally i added the a-side from the first single
and a track from the band Mother's Love(the a-side of their first single from '67)
the album by Mother's Love still is not re-released

this seems to be out of print

In 1966 the psychedelic group. Mother’s Love is founded in Tiel, not far from Utrecht in the centre of the Netherlands. One year later two singles and an LP are released of which suprisingly, the album is also released in Italy. The LP is titled Take one and becomes an instant flop. Soon after that, the group name is changed into The Dream. Under this name the single The doting king is released in 1968. By then the band has already more success then they had with Mother’s Love. During their existence over 1.000 concerts are given, with film projection psychedelic background. They also play Paris (Golfe Drouot), London (Speakeasy) and a couple of Dutch double-concerts with Pink Floyd in Amsterdam and Maastricht. In 1970 the band is invited for some popfestivals like Bilzen, Kralingen and the first edition of Pinkpop. They also perform on tv, for over an hour in the program Dit is het begin, where they perform parts of the rock-opera The peacock and the rat. Most important group member is Floris Kolvenbach, composing all songs and writing all the lyrics. In 1969 and 1971 two more singles are relased at minor success but in 1973 it is all over and the band folds. Floris Kolvenbach attracts attention afterwards with the project Mirakel Music and the experimental formation Metal Voices.

he music The Dream makes is mainly sixties psychedelic music with some blues influences, as can be heard on Can you hear me howlin' or on Sleeping rose. Sometimes they remind me of The Kinks (We'll be back yesterday morning) or The Doors (Dino, Four phonecalls). The music is mainly vocal oriented, but there is also a big part for the guitarist. The most progressive track is The diamond and the fool.

Unfortunately the CD doesn't give much information on when or where the tracks are recorded, so it is hard to tell how their music evolved.

So don't expect some early progressive music from this band, but there are some fine moments on this compilation.

Complete unreleased album from Holland's best kept psychedelic secret, from the late 60's. Having formed out of Mother's Love, this band went on to make this collection of tunes which would lay on the shelves for years, collecting dust. This is unheard dutch pyschedelia that will be a must for collectors.

get it


Anonymous Anonymous said...

every time i try to load this album i get a stupid link to paylesssoft crack-side, that's not fair!!

8:39 PM  
Blogger Dirk said...

jsut click on the free link ibn the middle

it helps against trolls

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

delete :(

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've Got a Mint copy of this CD release if anyone is interested - check my auctions on eBay under my user name Dancin-With-Hansen.

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

new link

part 1:
part 2:


11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mother's Love take one can be downloaded from Or just google and you get to this link.
you have to convert rar format with unrar software to get mp3 format.


1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mother's Love take one can be downloaded from Or just google and you get to this link.
you have to convert rar format with unrar software to get mp3 format.


1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed that the files have been removed. Any suggestions how to download The Dream's & Mother's Love singles?


3:34 PM  
Blogger Cheshire Adams said...

A friend recently sent me an mp3 of "The Doting King," which is a great song....very reminiscent of Barrett-era Floyd. Curious about the rest of their output now........

Cheers to Munju for the Sharebee links that still work. (Lajso's "Mother's Love" post is still

And cheers to Dirk. You remain, I feel, one of the blogosphere's all-time finest.

Peace and happiness,

9:39 AM  

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