Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Los Jaivas-El volantín[71 Chile Hippy Folk]


excellent hippy folk from chile

somewhat similiar to el polen
but el polen is better imho(from peru)

some information:
One of the most sought after long plays of Chilean music history, commanding sale prices in the 800-900 U$D range, finally reissued by Sony Music/Columbia in 2001, just in time for the band's thirtieth anniversary. Originally self released in September 1971 (spine number LMX 37) in a run of 500, this set was just sold at performances or through friends. The original track listing and restored (Joaquín García supervised) audio tape transfer, available for the first time in stereo (the original recording was too but the pressing plant couldn't make it) makes Franz Benko's (he also recorded 1970's ¿Que hacer?) studio skills stand out. Split into freer, spacier songs and improvisational exercises of a somehow more linear-like intention, marking the future roads this outfit would travel. Interesting to reconsider this work in the context of the five CD series La vorágine, unveiling the band before the ground zero momentum this album historically represents. "Último día" would be the standout track for me, an 8:25" repetitious psych romper of an excursion.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cosmic Invention-Help Your Satori Mind[97 Japan Neo-Psychedelica]

Highly Recommended!
EJG from grown so ugly
gave this great album to me

the information he provided:
this was released on the now sound label in 1997. as far as i know its been out of print for years.

i saw ghost on tour in 97. it was essentially the same line up and they were pretty much playing this material. really, it was one of the best shows i've ever seen.
this disc was purchased at the show

Japanese collective of superlatives. Batoh, Ogino and Fuji of Ghost, Michio Kurihara of White Heaven and regular guest with Ghost, plus members of Overhang Party, Yura Yura, Kingdom, Kakashi etc. A great rockin' band combining the spirit of Ghost, a heavy debt to 70's Japanese rockers like Flower Travellin' Band, Kurihara's Cipollina-like freefloating guitar playing, organ sound last heard in Traffic days. Really great!

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Zunou Keisatsu-1st Album[1971 Japan Protest Rock]

also known as Brain Police,not the 60's USA Group
this album is quite obscure

i got this one by e-mail from Lizardzon(Time Has Told Me)

Zunou Keisatsu(a.k.a Brain Police) was a Band led by Panta
their music could be described as rock music stripped to their
barebones and adding some folk to it.their lyrics are very political

they recorded around 6 albums wich are recorded live(if im correct)

they disbanded in 1975 (reformed for a short time in 1990)
their singer started having a solo career and their guitarist(Hiroshi Narazaki) was in Datetenryu and played Bass in
Les Rallizes Denudes.
and did some work with Acid Mothers Temple.
Their drummer collaborated with Kan Mikami and Kazuki Tomokawa.
go get it!(192 kbits)
note on the cover:
This is a picture (not a real one but made from the testimony of witnesses) of a man masquerading as a motorcycle cop who stole 300 millions yen in 1968 (the biggest robbery in Japan ever). The money has never been recovered and the identity of the theft is still a mystery.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Los Saicos-Wild Teen Punk From Peru 1965

today music from peru

one day i was hanging out in the garagepunk room @slsk
and some guy recommended this awesome band

they play raw garage rock with almost anarchistic lyrics
about blowing up trainstations and such

they got lots or airplay on the radio
and on tv,sadly no video material is available(not even on youtube)

This contains everything this band recorded between 1964 and 1967
wich all were in spanish something that was rare in that time.

their music remained obscure until munster records(spain) released this cd

review:(taken from
500 copy limited run brought to you by Spain's Munster records affiliate Electro Harmonix is this Peruvian (South America) band's entire (6 Dis-Peru/Virrey 7"'s 1964-67) output on a nice little 10" (I have seen some German CD and 12" EP pressings).
I first knew about this record reading Lux Interior call it the most garage punk band ever.
And yes, this is arguably a tabula rasa for raw Latin American rock'n'roll, one of South America's bands closest to those Born Bad comps, or Germany's favorite G.I.'s, Monks [DEU], keeping the distances in mind that is.
Hard to imagine what this would sound like to someone raised in the U.S/U.K rock traditions, but the thing is that this is not a novelty/kitsh sort of act, they sounded dangerous, their no-fi is just hilarious and it is plainly a little masterwork lost in time.
Songs about blowing up train stations, cat funerals, girls called Ana and maroon straitjackets certainly make for a spirited delivery, and that's what you get.
Certainly not too many things like that going on around here at the time.. or ever since. Like Paul Hurtado de Mendoza writes in the liner notes: "¿Rock Latino?... ¿qué Rock Latino, huevones?" I just found out Rolando Carpio (lead guitar, composer) died on January 24, 2005. R.I.P.

and a detailed history here

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Shin Jung Hyun-Sound volume 3(Golden Grapes)[72 Korean Psychedelic Rock]

Highly Recommended!

today a rare album by Shin Jung Hyun
this is a good vinyl rip
has never been released on cd
most of the music on this album is instrumental

again testing a new host
some information:
Golden grapes debut album/Enjoy the psychedelic party or trip. Prince record Normal price over 1000$ Ultra Mega rare!
This album is a great and masterpiece of Korean dark psychedelic rock music!!!!

You can listen to very rhythmical and powerful psychedelic sounds at this album more than any Korean sychedelic records.
The color of psychedelic sounds are very deep and dark also the feeling are damply and heavy. In shortly this is a bad trip! ? I think that this is a Korean representative psychedelic record and his forgotten masterpiece!! So you have a big headache when the trip ended as smoke marijuana!!! This is a really dark and powerful also hallucinating psychedelia !!!!


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Friday, August 25, 2006

Kousokuya-The Dark Spot[97 Japan Heavy Psych-Rock]

Highly Recommended!

more music by Kousokuya
here they are joined by alt sax player Masayohsi Urabe

This is for people who like Fushitsusha, High Rise, and Acid Mothers Temple and other Heavy Psych bands from the Japansese (Underground) Scene
people who like Les Rallizes Denudes also might like this

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bunalimlar & Çigrisim 1969-1972 Split[Turkish Underground Rock]

(Left:Bunalimlar Right:Cigrisim)

Highly Recommended!!

great ethno-psych
this time two turkish underground bands
this where two of the more heavier bands in the turkish scene
Bunalimlar/Grup Bunalim is the best band on this compilation
they runned naked trough streets and such.

this is a excellent bootleg
has everything both bands recorded except for the Punk Rock single('78)

about bunalimlar

His is Turkey's most notorious and dirty psychedelic underground band.
They were formed in 1969 with the aim of having underground music reach wider audiences.
They couldn't succeed well as their approach was very much wilder and uncompromising than any of their peers at the time; God, they were crazy! Running all nude down the Istiklal Street, psychedelic light shows, crazy paintings all over the stage wall and screaming of "LSD! LSD!" in their live shows.
"Tas var köpek yok" is their first single from 1969 when they were very raw in sound and the interrupting guy at the end of the song is none other than Cem Karaca who managed them at the time.
Later on Bunalimlar went on to be a psychedelic hard rock band and disbanded by 1972. Their records are in "golden grail" status right now!!!


"Four wild-ass tracks by Çigrisim, a fuzzed-out heavy trio circa 1970. Except for the Turkish lyrics, they could just as well be from, say, Holland or Michigan. Never mind, though, they offer up inspired distorto 'delica."

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

J.A Caesar-Kokkyou Jyunreika['73 Japan Avantgarde Rock]

back from vacation earlier than planned
but the weather was horrible

More great music by J.A Caesar
this is one of my favourite albums by him
lots of psychedelic guitar,chanting and strange music
by a guy with no musical scholarship and the longest hair in japan(in the late 60's and 70's)

the cover of the album is awesome
it ranges from heavy prog psych to almost Magma like grooves
and really spacey stuff
allmusic bio
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

DMBQ-Fable Of Thinner Lemon['98 Japan Heavy Rock]

Highly Recommended!
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i was back in my city for 1 day
im having a broken muscle andf a
huge hematoma
in my right leg.
and it was all swollen

so i had to visit my doctor because
it was hurting really bad

the cause was a small accident 6 weeks ago
i am leaving again tomorrow(the 18th)

this is their fourth album

Tokyo's DMBQ defy easy description, bringing together as they do a number of styles and heating them into a stew that's more than a sum of its parts. Heavy rock, a strong tinge of psychedelics, garage rock roots, and an experimental bent are all there competing for attention.
The result is a hugely energetic, unpredictable collection of full-on rock
read on........

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see y'all again next week friday(25th)

Friday, August 04, 2006


Im on vacation from 4 till 24 august

Yasumi No Kuni-Yasumi No Kuni[72 Japan Folk Rock]

Highly Recommended
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i had uploaded this for Play It Again,Max
so i had this left to post

Excellent Folk Rock with some psychedelic influences
contains some members of The Jacks

most of this was released in 69 for members of the URC record company club,but was rereleased in 72 with some more tracks

The personal band of singer/songwriter Teruyuki Takahashi (vocals and guitar). From the late 1960s until the early 1970s, the members of Jacks in the late period (except Yoshio Hayakawa) -Hitoshi Tanino (bass), Hiro Tsunoda (drums) and Takasuke Kida (flute, vibraphone, saxophone, trumpet, keyboards)- had joined as the backing members. This album was released on URC in 1972, as one album that included seven tracks from their first album 'Yasumi no Kuni' (directed by Yoshio Hayakawa. Released in 1969 as a limited edition for URC club members only, coupled with " Nobuyasu Okabayashi Recital") and five tracks from their second album 'Fy Fan' (produced in 1972, but not released). Psych/acid folk rock full of sense of emptiness. Recommended to those who like Jacks.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Kousokuya-1st['90 Japan Heavy Psych-Rock]

Highly Recommended
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I'll be going on vacation tomorrow
for 3 weeks,but i might post something
tomorrow if i have some time left(im leaving around
13:00 gmt+1)

This is for people who like Fushitsusha, High Rise, and Acid Mothers Temple and other Heavy Psych bands from the Japansese (Underground) Scene
people who like Les Rallizes Denudes also might like this

i would even dare to say that its better than

a bit of wikipedia:
Kōsokuya is a Japanese dark psychedelic rock band. This Japanese rock outfit, founded by legendary guitarist Jutok Kaneko in the late 1970s, has released only two recordings internationally, and scant more in their local Tokyo underground scene. Their sound has been compared to Japanese psych-rock legends Fushitsusha.

Duster Reviews review
Amidst the hype surrounding Japanese psych bands like Fushitsusha, High Rise, and Acid Mothers Temple, the name Kousokuya has consistently been left off the list. Those bands are undeniably fantastic, and deserving of the good words they've received. But Kousokuya's absence leaves me scratching my head and wondering why.

This album, the band's first, was originally released only on LP in 1991. If it had been given a widespread audience in the U.S. at that point, perhaps the band would have earned the recognition that it deserves. But here we are over ten years later, with another opportunity – better late than never. Since its release, Kousokuya released one U.S. album, Ray Night, a live collection from Forced Exposure. But it's true that the band's leader, Kaneko Jutok, has never done the promotional work that some of his brethren have. And in the years since this debut, the band has released only a handful of albums and compilation tracks.

For the recording sessions that produced this album, the band consisted of Kaneko on guitar and vocal, Mick on bass and vocal, and Takahashi Ikurou on drums. Kindly, P.S.F. have added one bonus track from the same sessions, so this five-song CD is over an hour in length.

The 19-minute opener "The Miracle" starts off heavy and slow, dark and deep guitar psychedelia with a mood not unlike current-day "stoner rock" bands, though with a greater multi-dimensionality. The vocals are more than a little reminiscent of Keiji Haino's, though somehow more delicate and thus less intense. They remain pretty sparse – the focus throughout the album is on the instruments, which get extremely intense. About halfway through, everyone blasts into outer space: the drums are pounding ferociously, the bass is thick and powers it all forward, and the guitar spreads itself through the rest of the frequency spectrum with aplomb. Make no mistake, this is ROCK music, with an intensity easily comparable to today's densest psych purveyors.

As recording engineer Honda Shigeto puts in the awkwardly-translated liner notes, "every single note was clear, it shrunk all the distance with its power."

read the rest here

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kazuki Tomokawa-Nikusei['76 Japan Avant-Folk]

Highly Recommended
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second album by avant/acid folk singer
Kazuki Tomokawa,one of my favourite japanese
folk singers next to Kan Mikami

the title Nikusei means Human Voice
and what an emotional voice this guy has!
sometimes you wonder where he gets all that air from

Kazuki Tomokawa is a prolific Japanese avantgarde-folk singer, poet, and often described as a "screaming philosopher" due to his idiosyncratic singing style. His music has been used in the films of cult directors Takashi Miike and Koji Wakamatsu, and he also appears in person in Miike's Izo (2004).

from popsike:

l Tomokawa Kazuki: “Nukusei” (Harvest – YC-8006 – 1976) (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Mint) Comes with 4-paged booklet. This was Tomokawa’s second record he released. Great copy of this early Tomokawa record. He is undoubtedly the unequaled master of possessed song-spirit. Here the young Tomokawa wails and screams emotionally hard enough in order to strip the paint of the walls. Nevertheless at times he gets quite emotional and laid back in order to hush his haunting demons to sleep. Just a splendid piece of Japanese acid folk and chant exorcism. Tomokawa’s music is violent, emotionally charged with insane screaming modes, piercing sensitivity, cathartic rhythmic purge, thrashing acoustic guitar aesthetic and harsh, reflecting the atmosphere of the bleak northern prefecture of Aomori. Hardly turns up these days. Stunningly great psychedelic-acid-avant-outsider folk music. For fans of Mikami Kan, Jandek, acid folk, Iuchi Kengo, J.A.Seazer, psych heads all around and adventurous music geeks. Highly recommended original pressing in top condition. Very rare early (2nd) Tomokawa disc. Hardly, if never, resurfaces. Act smooth and swift. This record will certainly enhance your sorry ass existence.

sample of the first song(quicktime)

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dragonfly-4 Celestial Songs EP[67/68 Dutch Psych-Rock]

Highly Recommended!
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Here's some information i rewrote based on this article
and shortened it a bit.
Only the last part was taken from the original article

Brothers Rudy and Tonny de Queljoe emigrated
from the Moluccan island Ambon to The Netherlands in 1951.

and both where very musical and where learning to play guitar
just like many indonesian kids where doing at that time.

we take a jump in time:

With the upcoming beat music Rudy was asked to join a local band named The Javalins
his brother Tonny was allready playing in that band and a friend of him vocalist
Johnny Caljouw.both would later join him in Dragonfly
the band broke up after artisticall differences

Rudy,Tonny and Johhny formed a new band
and called it The Beat Five soon they changed the name into
Group '69 Sect.
Besides Rudy, Tonny and Johnny the other two band members were
drummer Huib Pouwer and rhythmguitarist Carlos van den Berg.
everything was going good with the band
they where quite popular and gained a big fanbase.
they gained residency in two clubs:”La Cave” in Vlissingen and “De Schuttershof” in Goes, both in the province of Zeeland,where the band originaly came from.
in those clubs to would meet the dutch beat scene and played with bands like
Q65,Golden Earings,The Motions and more.
their repotoire changed aswel and
their set concisted of John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers,
The Doors and Jimi Hendrix
. Hans Verhagen( a well known tv maker at that time)
once was in the club La Cave(his parent lived in Vlissingen)
and met the band there and loved them at first sight
Compared them to the Jimi Hendrix Experience and lending them albums of Captain Beefheart, Moby Grape and other West Coast bands to get further inspiration and became their manager.
And changed the name to Dragonfly. They asked
Artist/Painter Bert Kieten for inspiration
he was the one who came up with the painted faces.
the two singles where recorded in one session in '67 and the first one Celestial Dreams(can be called a psych classic.
meanwhile they had their face painted at every gig they did.
and were welcomed by overenthousiastic audiences when playing their first series of gigs in Amsterdam Clubs like “Felix Meritis”, “Paradiso”, “Fantasio,” the “Birdsclub” and “Sheherazade”. With their Hendrix-linspired psychedelic guitar-sounds and together with the painted faces they made an unbelievable impression.
they even played at
  • the First European International Pop Festival(Rome,Italy '68)
  • the Middle Earth club in london
2 movies where made about them
both movie's are not availible on dvd yet
  • Prince of Amboyna
  • De Tijdgeest
Hans Verhagen had a great time handling the band but being a drug addict, he often had a bunch of lunatics hanging around him, which wasn’t exactly good for certain things which needed to be done especially on the business side. The band got fed up with Hans in the end and decided to break up with him.The result: Verhagen got terribly mad and immediately called of all the remaining gigs, putting the band out of work at the spot which, eventually, caused their demise in the end.

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Corrupted track Nederbeat B-Sides 1

some one mentioned that one track was corupt

here it is