Friday, November 24, 2006

Update + The Nazz

i got back home Tuesday

everything is going good
the tumor seems to be getting smaller!,wich is a good thing.

eating is going good again
i dont need to get the food from the tube anymore

my 3rd chem0 session starts the 28th

but now some music by american (psychedelic?) rock band The Nazz

The Nazz-Nazz Nazz(1969) user review:

In 1967 I was a high school sophomore frequenting Philly's musical haunts. My favorite local band, Woody's Truck Stop, featured a strange-looking kid with listless hair who could set a guitar on fire. Word spread that this quirky vunderkind, Todd Rundgren, was forming his own band, to be called Nazz. The debut was eagerly anticipated, especially because they were going to be opening for The Doors. That evening was enchanted; The Doors were new on the scene, and in fantastic form. Nazz came out with both barrels blazing; playing to a hometown crowd they just about shook the building apart. There was a lot of great music happening back then, and their debut album escaped me. However, I connected with Nazz Nazz, their second, and last. Frankly, I was amazed and delighted to discover it's available.

Nazz Nazz is a gem from beginning to end. The writing is consistently excellent, the singing is exceptionally good, and it features a slew of monsters. Forget All About It, Not Wrong Long, and especially, Under The Ice, deliver hard rock with polish and bite, totally satisfying. Gonna Cry Today and Letters Don't Count, (the latter is a treasure), showcase the sentimental Rundgren writing style that America would later come to love. Meridian Leeward is a hoot, and the episodic and mercurial A Beautiful Song is worth the price of the CD by itself. Swinging from heartbreaking, sincere yearning to blazing guitar seemingly about to explode, this wonderful song, or suite if you prefer, gives ample evidence of Rundgren's amazing abilities as a producer, abilities which provided him his most enduring success. As an artifact of an industry giant emerging from the pack, Nazz Nazz is fascinating, but it's really much better than that. Nazz Nazz stands on its own as a thoroughly masterful rock album, a pleasure then and a pleasure today.

go get it


Saturday, November 18, 2006

up date

hello everybody here some news from his mom ,,,dirk went back to the hospital with high fever and much to way low bloodlevel, so he was very disapoited, he needed two bags off blood en antybiotics , so he needs all the support he can gets, he feels so lonesome in the hospital, all the support he can needs ,pleace send postcards to him , becauce he has to know that there are people outthere that care for him many thanks from dirk his mom pleace we all have to pool him true, you all are his cyber friend, he lives bye your postcards and comments, it helps him that there are people that care about him love from his mom jane

Dirk Sietse Gjaltema
Postbus 11120
9700 CC Groningen
afdeling D 2 kamer 73

Saturday, November 11, 2006

forgot to mention

i am home for 2 weeks

next chemo session starts the 28th

Friday, November 10, 2006

update:almost home

yesterday my chemo ended.

tomorrow i can go home at 10:30 if everything goes allright.

at last i have my own wheelchair,so i can move a bit easier.

but still other people need to move the wheelchair,because they didnt have
those wheels which let you move with your hands(sorry for the bad description)

greetings Dirk