Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Update+Joe Yamanaka Of Flower Travelin' Band[Video]

Saturday i got home.and the time i had the chemo were excellent
i almost didnt feel bad at all.and it felt like the time flew.
and thank god im home again,i feel excellent,i never felt so good before in the first week after the chemo.

but now some recent? video's of Joe Yamanaka(FTB) performing some Flower Travelin' Band
songs. and he still does it good.

  • Hiroshima
  • Satori pt ?
  • Woman (Shadows Of Lost Days)
go get it!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

yesterday dirk went back to the hospital for his fourth chemo sessions, his chemo is cauld a d.i.m.e cure it is very heavy chemo, a young boby can handle only 6 sessions, so heavy is this chemo. older people can not have it, because it is so dame hard, but i can tell you dirk is handling it okee with the help off GOD, whe feel his pressents, he is helping us to keep this true. so pleace pray for him he needs it very hard. he finds postcards and precends very fine it pulls him true his adress is

Dirk Sietse Gjaltema
Postbus 11120
9700 CC Groningen
afdeling D 2 kamer 67

Saturday, December 16, 2006

va- Take a Walk on the Psychedelic Side (Late 60s--early 70s Japanese soundtrack music)

Take A Walk On The Psychedelic Side clearly references the urban cine-grit conjured by Edward Dymytrk's 1962 film Walk On The Wild Side with its score by Elmer Bernstein. But the mutation into Ôpsychedelic' aptly orients the listener to the wholly psychotic bent of Japanese sex and violence movies at the end of the 60s. Fuzz-wah lines slice through otherwise conventional pulp crime-soaked arrangements. Track titles lifted from the original cues give a sense of what's going on: "Trip Rock", "Jet Screaming Machine", "Sympathy For The Rebel", "Dirty Girlie", "Last Tattoo". The back cover image of two Japanese guys conducting some bizarre mind-torture experiment on a middle-aged American adds to the sensationalism heard on all these tracks.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

An Interview with Kazuo Takeda of Blues Creation...

It’s called the butterfly effect – the notion that the flaps of a butterfly’s wings in China can create a tornado in America. But sometimes a tornado in England may lead to the flaps of a butterfly’s wings in Japan, such as in this case. And what a beautiful butterfly it is. No, wait, beautiful isn’t the word I’m looking for. How about dark, brooding, menacing…

The first two Black Sabbath albums turned the Japanese band Blues Creation upside down. Formerly a typically psych tinged blues-rock band, the new sound of rock manifested itself through their brilliant and criminally obscured Demon & Eleven Children. What starts with a soundtrack to a nuclear holocaust and ends with a rightfully impending end of days feel to it, is often heralded as the album which laid the foundations for Japanese Doom, alongside Flower Travellin’ Band’s Satori.

Kazuo Takeda, guitar player and man of vision behind Blues Creation, was kind enough to answer a few questions.

read the interview @stonerrock.com

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

update + music

i got back from the hospital yesterday
got no fever anymore,looks like the antibiotics treated it good,but i still have to take antibiotic pills.
next week tuesday my 4th chemo session.

after that i get two more sessions in january,and then a operation(amputation)

but now some music:

this one is very good,has shinki chen (with his 60s band Power House) on one track
and doesnt contain any of their orchestrated commercial stuff

The Golden Cups-Super Live Session(69 Japan)

Ultra Rare original 1st Pressing on Red Vinyl of their 4th and rarest LP. Recorded Live at Yokohama "Zen" this is probably their best LP , a perfect transition from Heavy Garage to Fuzzed out Bluesy Psych and a killer LP from beginning to end without any of their sappy hits. Supposedly has Shinki Chen helping out on guitar and by the sound of this Lp I would't doubt it. "Born Under a bad sign" "59th Street Bridge Song" a great version of the Artwoods "One More Heartache" , one of the best versions of Donovan's "Season of the Witch" "Zen Blues" a totally fuzzed out instro version of "Gloria" and others.. {popsike.com}

go go get it!


Friday, December 08, 2006


here some news from his mom,
yesterday dirk went to the hospital to check up his blood level, after the chemo, and yes it was okee , but into the evening he developed a high fever, and this morning the fever wash high again so we called the hospital , they said you have to come because they dont wont to take any risk and whe neither. so we went en yes very shit he had to low bloodlevel and he he has a bad cold and inflammation into his jaw, so he has to stay again in the hospital.

today they starded with antybioticis en tomorrow he is going to get two bags off blood whe hope he gets well fast so he can come home monday or tuesday, 19 december he has to start his fourth chemo session, and than two more his chemo is called D.i.m.e THEY ARE VERY HEAVY in february at the end off these chemo. he is going tho have an amputastion off hiss legg, about have his upperlegg, after that he needs 8 more chemo sessions, only these are less heavier sessions

pleace keep sending dirk things and postcard whe are so greatfull it makes his day he lives bye it you all make his day, the comments the post cards the pressents, he lives by it knowing that there are people that miss him and care about him many thanks his mom and pleace pray for him he needs it and whe to

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


i would like to thank you all for the nice cards and presents
it allways cheers up my day!

Greetings Dirk

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Brush-Brush?(71 Japan Psychedelic Rock)

Very Highly Recommended!

it has been some time but here is some rare Japanese psychedelic rock.hass a member of flied egg in it.

its a excellent album,i can assure you all will like it.
its westcoast style psych with some folk and prog thrown in

it seems very rare,but the guys at shadoks where able to track this great album down

some information

The original private pressing from Japan was so far one of the unsolved mysteries which appeared first in the 3001 book from Hans Pokora. It´s so rare that it took nearly 2 years to locate the album. This is Masayoshi Takanaka`s (pre Flied Egg) ever first recording, released as a tiny private pressing in Japan.
The music is westcoast orientated hard psych with a progressive touch. All original material and really wellproduced. This is a concept album (like Ceremony) which comes (like the original) on blue vinyl with 24 page massive booklet.

Kudos to Shadoks for searching this one out! We'd never have heard it otherwise, and we're glad we did. Dude from early '70s Japanese psychedelic proto-metallers Flied Egg (who sounded a bit like Blue Cheer, and recorded for Vertigo!), by the name of Masayoshi Takanaka, made his recording debut in 1971 (yup) with this rare rare rare album of underground hippy conceptual weirdness, called Brush!? (punctuation theirs, but deserved). Quite a few other Japanese psych scenesters of the day participated as well. Results? There's some truly freaked out shit here, and some really lovely, folky parts too.
It's an eclectic mix of the following ingredients, and more: acid fuzz guitar
rockin', atonal electronic experiments, gentle pop grandeur, organ drones, raga-like jamming, avantgarde piano improv, Velvets/Dylan balladry, and West Coast/Woodstock Nation psych.

In other words, all over the place, and pretty darn tripped out!! Hearing reissues of interesting '70s Japanese psych acts like Brush!?, Flied Egg, Far Out,
Foodbrain, Strawberry Path, Les Rallizes Denudes, etc. etc. it's clear that all the great psychedelic underground outfits active in Japan today, from Acid Mothers Temple to LSD-march to Green Milk From The Planet Orange to (of course) the Boredoms, are keeping alive a grand tradition begun some 30+ years ago!

Includes 20 page
cd booklet full of all kinds of cool photos and drawings and lyrics (many of 'em in English).
Seriously, we're pretty sure that if you could just take one look inside this
cd booklet, you'd want to hear the album! On one of the tracks, in addition to musician credits for sitar and tabura [sic], we see this: "Lafing [sic]: Elf, Fairly [sic], Goblin." and "Effects: Crow, Raven, Fowl, Triton." WTF?? The song titles are good too: "All Most Cut Your Hair (including) I Did Cut My Hair", "Die A Dog's Death (In Vain)", and "Tomb Stone".


go get it now!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

update + 2 british psychedelia single's

as i said before i started my chemo session on the 28th of november
and this morning i finished it.

so im at home again,everything is going good.

but now some british psychedelia for you all

Tintern Abby unreleased "How Do I Feel Today/Do What You Must" single

some information:

it was only recorded as a demo

The tracks are 'Do what you must' and 'How do I feel today'. The former was band-written, whilst 'How do I feel today' was written by Dave McTavish [who wrote both sides of the Deram 45], and was supposed to be the follow-up to the first single, but got shelved as the deal with Deram ended.

get it!

Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup "Jabberwock/Wich Dreamed It" single

Boeing Duveen & the Beautiful Soup made just one single, the 1968 release "Jabberwock"/"Which Dreamed It" -- but what a single it was. The A-side was one of the best and most unusual British psychedelic obscurities, with its zany, menacing setting of the Lewis Carroll tale to music. The melody was at once bouncy and ominous, the vocal like that of a mad storyteller, and the arrangement spruced up by weird laughter and screams in the background. The flip side was, in comparison, a pretty mundane piece of period raga-rock. "Jabberwock" has been reissued on several collector-oriented psychedelic compilations, as has to a lesser degree the flip side. The story behind the real identity of Boeing Duveen is perhaps even stranger than the single itself. Boeing Duveen was Sam Hutt, known to the British '60s counterculture as a "rock & roll doctor" who administered to rock musicians and practiced homeopathy and holistic medicine, as well as dealing with drug casualties at festivals. Although he remained a doctor, he also continued doing music for decades, though switching to country & western sounds under the pseudonym Hank Wangford

get it!

password for both files: citiesonflame