Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pink Floyd-Bouton Rouge TV Show France 1968

good quality video's

"Bouton Rouge" TV Show ORTF Studios, Paris, Febuary 20, 1968

song 1 : Astronomy Domine ...........................2 min 42 secs
song 2 : Flaming ....................................2 min 41 secs
song 3 : Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun...4 min 29 secs

Download here!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Video Friday 2:Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd-Paintbox

Pink Floyd - Dark Side sessions

Pink Floyd - Careful With That Axe Eugene

Pink Floyd - Granchester Meadows

pink floyd -welcome to the machine

Pink Floyd - Live at Kralingen

downloads links will follow!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sly And The Family Stone-Whole New Thing(1967 US Psychedelic Soul)

Actually, this is Sly's best album, an unrecognized wonder, a great lost album, really. As he went downhill (from drugs), his music became simpler, here it begins at its most clever and ambitious. What sets it apart from his subsequent output is how eclectic and highly arranged his songs are. It's the late sixties; Sly is opening up his kind of R&B-- just as the British Invasion opened up the rock/pop song in general. He was a music major in college, so his beginning the disc with a minor key "Frere Jacques" was a conscious borrowing from Mahler.... Listen to how tight and varied and "Advice" and "Dog" are-- as Sly keeps the beat, but puts the tune through one change after another. Wonderful use of the different voices, distinct and blended. Two excellent touching slow ballads: "Let me Hear it from you" (sung by Larry Graham), and "That kind of person" (by Sly's brother, Freddie). Dig the insanely frantic "Turn Me Loose"-- which they used to attach to their equally frantic version of Otis Redding's "I Can't Turn You Loose." Great drumming! Great sound; beautifully produced, by Sly.
(amazon user review)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Foodbrain-Social Gathering (1970 Japan Heavy Psychedelic Rock)

Very Rare! And A Must Have!

the lp is very expensive on ebay(more than 300 dollars)

Foodbrain were part of the early Japanese psych scene. Two of its members, Shinki Chen and Hiro Yanagida were part of a circle that included Speed, Glue and Shinki, and Love Life Live + 1. Foodbrain's Social Gathering features Yanagida's swirling Hammond organ and Chen's monsterous blues guitar. Where there is smoke there is fire and these guys smoke! The album has a nice raw vibe that adds to the overall energy of the album. The "normal" songs are connected by brief interludes of experimental bits, harpsichord, and so forth. The longest song, "A Hole in a Sausage" is the most experimental and contains some mad saxophone amidst the obligatory free-form psychedelic freakout. It gets a might tedious unless you're as stoned as those guys were! The rest of the album, though, is good heavy blues/psych. If you like good heavy blues guitar and organ, or are a fan of heavy psychedelia, check out Foodbrain.

also has members from:Apryl Fool,Golden Cups and Strawberry Path

  1. That Will Do
  2. Naked Mountain
  3. Waltz for M.P.B.
  4. Liver Juice Vending Machine
  5. The Conflict of The Hippo and The Pig
  6. Clock
  7. One-Sided Love
  8. The Hole in a Sausage
  9. Dedicated to Bach

password:citiesonflame sells cd re-issue's of this album

and other hard to find (in normal web stores) Psychedelic Rock/Hard Rock ect...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Raw & Alive: The Seeds in Concert at Merlin's Music Box + Rare Seeds(1967 US Psychedelic Garage Rock)

Excelent Recording Quality
The Seeds were an exceptional band that never achieved the success that they inspired. This album has a truly psychedelic cover with too-dark-for-pastel colors, swirling letters over eerie faces, and dynamic black and white photos on the back. If you want to see the image of Iggy Pop clothed, just look at Sky Saxon in the bottom right photo on the back cover with the screaming girl holding a flower grabbing at him. He had the image down, as well as the music. "900 Million People Daily All Making Love" sounds so much like the Doors and Jim Morrison's "When the Music's Over," one has to wonder which came first, or did they copy each other? "Mumble and Bumble" is a trippy "Alabama Song," but where Morrison is looking for the next whiskey bar, Saxon is off looking for flowers and magic mushrooms. The band has great energy which is pierced by annoying canned applause à la the Rolling Stones' Got Live If You Want It. This is a record album, not a situation comedy TV show, after all; what's the point of overdubbing an audience onto what is really good music? Sure, "No Escape" is a prelude to the closer and hit "Pushin' Too Hard" with a tip of the hat to Martha & the Vandellas, while "Can't Seem to Make You Mine" is placed nicely in mid-set, a song after the truncated "Up in Her Room." The revelation that is this "concert" album is what a great band the Seeds really were, and how Sky Saxon's vocals have a gritty edge that he held back on us in many of the studio recordings. "Gypsy Plays His Drums" has a great chug-chug guitar, nice off-key backing vocals, and a driving pulse which is present throughout the performance. If you can ignore the extraneous additions, a song like "Forest Outside Your Door" shows really how creative and influential this pioneering band was, while "Satisfy You" is Saxon's direct sexual rock to Mick Jagger's "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." Sky claims he can get satisfaction, and can satisfy you at the same time. He then veers off into more familiar psychedelic territory with "Night Time Girl" which combines the sex and the psychedelia. If they taught rock & roll in school, "Raw & Alive" would have to be the textbook for image, design, and content.
  1. Introduction By 'Humble' Harv (0.21)
  2. Mr. Farmer (3.47)
  3. No Escape (2.30)
  4. Satisfy You (2.08)
  5. Night Time Girl (2.32)
  6. Up In Her Room (9.54)
  7. Gypsy Plays His Drums (4.31)
  8. Can't Seem To Make You Mine (2.38)
  9. Mumble Bumble (2.31)
  10. Forest Outside Your Door (2.43)
  11. 900 Million People Daily (4.57)
  12. Pushin' Too Hard (3.01)
  13. Daisy Mae (1.59)
  14. The Other Place (2.26)
  15. Lose Your Mind (2.20)
  16. She's Wrong (2.16)
  17. Chocolate River (3.14)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Parliament-Mothership Connection(1975 P-Funk/Psychedelic Soul)

The addition of ex-JB's Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker to the Parliament roster on Mothership Connection elevated an already mind-blowing band into the best funk band of the '70s, arguably the best funk band ever. With these two funk veterans supplying the horns, Clinton had everything he could ask for in his already stellar group. The opening song, "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)," harkened back to the opening title track from Parliament's previous album, Chocolate City, laying down a languid synth aura for a spoken-word intro. When "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)" steps into second gear though, bringing in Bootsy's bass, Wesley's horn, Worrell's piano, and a chorus of vocalists, it's fairly evident just how large a step forward Mothership Connection is from the conventional R&B roots of Chocolate City and Up for the Down Stroke. The second song, "Mothership Connection (Star Child)," makes the differentiation glaringly evident, most noticeably when the song enters the cosmic, proto-hip-hop "swing down sweet chariot" bridge with its accompanying melody from beyond. The funk doesn't stop there though, with the remaining five songs keeping the tempo laden with dense interweaving rhythms, peaking on "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)." In the end, there's no questioning this album's impact, one that is still being felt via rap-induced aftershocks. In addition to its contemporary impact and continued longevity, the album was a massive success for Clinton and company upon its release in 1975, elevating the P-Funk collective to unparalleled heights in terms of audience. Some Parliament albums may be flawless, and others may be innovative, but this is the P-Funk zenith in more ways than one, perfect as well as perennial.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Leaf Hound-Growers Of Mushroom (1971 UK Blues Hardrock)


Leaf Hound -- like Killing Floor -- was one of dozens of other working-class heavy rock bands who sprouted up in England during the British blues-rock boom of the late '60s. They immediately found themselves in the shadow of better bands, including Led Zeppelin and Free (to name just two), which may have led to their short life together. They recorded only one album, Growers of Mushroom, which found its first release in on the German-based Telefunken label. Somewhat surprisingly, however, the title track and leadoff track, "Freelance Fiend," were both left off that release. This error was corrected for the October 1971 release by Decca Records, but, by then, Leaf Hound had suffered from various internal problems and already called it a day. The album reportedly took only 11 hours to record in Mayfair's Spot Studios, which may be the reason there's nothing too special about this LP. Nevertheless, it has become a much-sought-after LP by collectors (mint condition copies have reportedly sold for as much as 1,300 dollars). Lead vocalist Peter French -- who went on to form Atomic Rooster and later worked with Cactus and a later lineup of Randy Pie -- is in fine form here, and his scorched-earth screech may even remind some fans of Robert Plant. His cousin, guitarist Mick Halls (who replaced Foghat-bound lead guitarist Rod Price, guitarist in French's earlier group, Black Cat Bones), doesn't have the same guitar prowess that, say, Jimmy Page had at the time, but he's no slouch either, showing considerable skill throughout. Interestingly, the song titles -- like the band's name -- were taken from an anthology of stories by horror author Herbert Van Thal

Recently the band reformed
and again are playing concerts

1 Freelance Fiend
2 Sad Road To The Sea
3 Drowned My Life In Fear
4 Work My Body
5 Stray
6 With A Minute To Go
7 Growers Of Mushroom
8 Stagnant Pool
9 Sawdust Ceasar
10 It's Gonna Get Better

Friday, April 21, 2006

Video Friday 1:Garage Rock,and other 60's stuff

The Count Five-Psychotic Reaction(Live)

The Creation-Live(9 minutes long)

The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard(The Mothers in Law Tv Show performance)

The Kingsmen- "Louie, Louie [Shindig! June 23, 1965]

The Pretty Things-Midnight to Six Man

Traffic-Hole in my Shoe

Thank God for Youtube!

Download them here


the video's are in the .flv(flash video) format
wich you can view with Mplayer + frontend wich can be downloaded at:

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Flower Travelin' Band-Anywhere(1970? Japanese Hardrock)

Debut record by the Flower Travelin' Band

True to the new project, Flower Travellin’ Band hurried out their first LP entitled ANYWHERE. And sure enough, Uchida and his four cohorts were, right there on the gatefold sleeve, righteously and defiantly depicted riding butt-nekkid down some deserted Japanese highway on huge powerful low riders. ANYWHERE was no milestone, but it was certainly a massive change of musical style and a hugely listenable record. From the off, the driving 15-minute “Louisiana Blues” defined Flower Travellin’ Band’s direction. Coming on like the Chocolate Watchband’s “Expo 2000” as played by CONTINENTAL CIRCUS-period Gong,1 “Louisiana Blues” explores guitar theme after guitar theme, with only brief vocal performances from Joe. But his singing is wild and this guitar music is h-e-a-v-y!

Those who dismiss ANYWHERE as an album of cover versions have surely never heard it, only heard about it. For a start, Flower Travellin’ Band do not cover the song “Black Sabbath”. Instead, they let its tyres down and ride it across a ploughed field. They do to it what no British band ever could have done. The 4/4 becomes an ambient metal assault over which Joe sings the lyrics when he himself feels like it, rather than following any of the original’s tension. Flower’s version of “21st Century Schizoid Man” ejects all the nasty sax flourishes and prissy snare drum jazz-outs of the original and gets down to the real power trio business which the riff always suggested. In this mood, you even begin to believe they could have taken Yes’ proto-metal epic “Heart of the Sunrise” and turned it into the Troggs’ “Feels Like A Woman”. And if you shudder (as I did) at the thought of Flower approaching a hoary standard such as “House of the Rising Sun”, open up your mind to receive the proto-Stairway shock-of-a-lifetime. For they have taken away those chords and lo, the arrangement hath been lifted up several cosmic notches. By the end of it, the House has been displaced by the Land of the Rising Sun and Joe’s sense of loss has us all blarting like babbies.
(Writen by Julian Cope)

2 Louisiana Blues
3 Black Sabbath
4House Of Rising Sun
5 Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man


Monday, April 17, 2006

My Lil' Rock And Roll Bro

Yuya Uchida & the Flowers-Challenge! (Japanese Rock 1969 )

Debut album by Yuya Uchida & the Flowers
wich was started by Yuya Uchida(born on 17 November 1939) who allready was making some rockabilly single's in the early sixties and was one of the opening performers when the beatles came to japan in 1966.

but when he came to europe in 1967 he was immediately inspired by Cream, Jimi Hendrix and the Who.

when he came back to japan he started the band The Flowers with vocalist Remi Aso his band caused a sensation in the Japanese music scene

most of the tracks on this album are covers of songs by:Cream,Big Brother and the holding company,Jefferson Airplane,Jimi Hendrix
and one original song by them
but it are good covers

After the flowers he made a new band with Joe Yamanaka
wich became The Flower Travelin' Band!

and even if he doesnt play any music anymore he also is an actor in(japanese) movies
like Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and Deadly Outlaw: Rekka

for more info on mr Yuya go to

1 Combination of the Two
2 Intruder
3 Summertime
4 I'm So Glad
5 Greasy Heart
6 Hey Joe
7 White Room
8 Hidariashi No Otoko
9 Piece of my Heart
10 Stone Free


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Love, Peace & Poetry Volume 4:Japanese Psychedelic Music review

The Love, Peace & Poetry series takes its international psych tour to the Far East for some of Japan's vintage garage freakouts. The time period stretches from 1968-1972, and the music features some of the hardest psych jams to be heard. Seemingly inspired more by Hendrix and the San Francisco scene's pure instrumental explorations than the more tuneful terrain essayed on the England and America LPP editions, many combos featured here expose the roots of current-day Japanese tripsters Acid Mothers Temple with a blizzard of effects-riddled guitars, some raw-toned space organ, and a panoply of cryptic vocals. In a word: The aim is more to jam down the interstellar road than to always deliver cohesive nuggets of psych pop. And while Apryl Fool and Speed, Glue & Shinki bring the heavy instrumental sound, Foodbrain, the Mops, and the Happenings Four do expand things nicely with some surf and jangly pop touches. A standout from an essential rare-groove psych

. Happenings Theme - The Happenings Four
2. Liver Juice Vending Machine - Foodbrain
3. Tomorrow's Child - Apryl Fool
4. Run And Hide - Speed Glue & Shinki
5. Hidariashi No Otoko - Yuya Uchida & The Flowers (pre-Flower Travelin' Band)
6. Brane Baster - Blues Creation
7. Freedom Of A Mad Paper Lantern - Shinki Chen & Friends
8. Gloomy Flower - Jacks
9. Kimi Ha Darenada - Tokedashita Garasubako (Melting Glas Box)
10. You All Should Think More - Justin Heathcliff
11. Keep It Cool - Speed Glue & Shinki
12. Lost Mother Land, The (Part 1) - Apryl Fool
13. White Dove In Disguise, A - Masahiko Sato & Sound Brakers
14. Kirikyogen - Kuni Kawachi & Friends
15. Asamade Matenai - The Mops
16. Koishite Aishite - Beavers
17. I Want You - The Happenings Four


Friday, April 14, 2006

Kimio Muzutani-A Path Trough The Haze(Japanese Prog-Rock/Heavy Psychedelic Rock 1971 )

Link Fixed Password now works!

Kimio Mizutani - A Path Through Haze
A Path Through Haze is an almost completely instrumental album, where heavy psychedelic acid guitar rock and Canterbury jazz rock are combined. Strangely these two possibly contradictory styles are integrated quite well. Besides great psychedelic guitar playing, other instruments include flute, sax, drums, bass, and keyboards (mainly moog, organ, and electric piano). Basically the keyboards provide the Canterbury feel, while the guitar playing adds the acid rock vibe. The first three tracks sound a bit like Canterbury jazz rock (maybe like Isotope or Zyma), but always with great acid guitar soloing on top. Several tracks on the second half of the album are much heavier, sounding like Guru Guru or Jimi Hendrix playinging some of the more free jazz tracks from Soft Machine 4. The result is great. There are two quiet tracks as well, one with a string quartet. Overall, a quite original and creative album.
(written by some guy)

1 A Path Through Haze
2 Sail In The Sky
3 Turning Point
4 Tell Me What You Saw
5 One For Janis
6 Sabbath Day's Sable
7 A Bottle Of Codeine
8 Way Out


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Love, Peace & Poetry Volume 8: African Psychedelic Music

Excelent African Psych compilation
most of it is from South Africa,but some of the songs come from other parts of africa,

1.McCully Workshop Inc. - "The Circus" (4:03)
2.Otis Waygood - "A Madman's Cry" (4:23)
3.Blo - "Time to Face the Sun" (4:05)
4.Abstract Truth - "Moving Away" (3:55)
5.Freedoms Children - "1999" (4:05)
6.Suck - "Elegy" (3:00)
7.Third Eye - "Valley of Sadness" (3:05)
8.Freedoms Children - "Gentle Beasts Part 1" (1:55)
9.Mack Sigis Porter - "The Seventh House" (2:54)
10.Otis Waygood - "The Higher I Go" (1:42)
11.Rikki Ililonga - "Love Is the Only Way" (4:17)
12.Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family - "Oh Ye Ye" (3:01)
13.Quentin E. Klopjaeger - "Weatherman" (2:47)
14. Abstract Truth - "Original Man" (3:38)
15. Freedoms Children - "Kafkasque" (2:43)
16. Third Eye - "Young Folk and Old Folk" (3:31)
17. Ofege - "Gbe Mi Lo" (4:15)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Outsiders-CQ (Dutch Garage Rock 1968)

Listening to the album’s opening track “Misfit” is truly an indescribable feeling. It is pure 60s garage rock at its finest, with pounding guitar down strums, roaring bass fills, and wonderfully angst filled lyrics. Just as the listener is adjusting to the hard- hitting nature of the song he/she is hit even harder by a screaming guitar solo that is sure to send chills down the spine of anyone who is listening carefully. Wonderful as it is, this intense garage rock sound does not dominate the entire album. As a matter of a fact, the musical style of CQ is absolutely unpredictable, and cannot be pinned down. Songs like “You’re everything on Earth” are sweet and simple, featuring mainly a pretty guitar riff, and warm melody. Whereas songs like “ Wish you were here with me today” are composed of driving bass-lines and reverb-filled guitar that sounds very reminiscent of early 60s surf rock. The album concludes with “Prison Song” a tune that begins with an inviting guitar and pretty lyrics like “Today the sun will shine for me again”. However, as the song continues the lyrics become more and more bizarre, and the musical tension starts build. Suddenly, singer Wally Tax softly speaks the words “While we walk the feeling in my stomach climbs up into my chest/ and I don’t know what it is, but it sure feels strange” and the listener is tossed into a great sea of musical madness. Great noise and chaos builds as Tax calmly speaks disturbing lyrics sure to make any listener squirm. The song climaxes in a flurry of noise, when suddenly the madness ends, and prettiness prevails. This 5 minute 38 second piece embodies all that is the genius of The Outsiders, and it is not short of brilliant. (review from

1 Misfit
2 Zsarrahh
2 C.Q.
4 Daddy Died on Saturday
5 It Seems Like Nothing's ...
6 Doctor
7 Man on the Dune
8 Bear
9 Happyville
10 You're Everything on Earth
11 Wish You Were Here With Me Today
12 I Love You, No. 2
13 Prisonsong
14 I Don't Care
15 You Remind Me
16 Do You Feel Allright

uploaded by Edwin

Monday, April 10, 2006

Im Back

got everything working again!
so expect some stuff soon

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Looks like im having bad luck

Yesterday i got myself a "new" socket a motherboard
so install everything (with some relaxing music from on the background)

but then my my power supply blows up,tomorow im trading a 900 mhz celeron motherboard for a power supply with someone i know.

so expect some nice music in the next weeks

*The Blues Creation(Jap Blues/Prog-Rock)
*African Psychedelica compilation cd
*Flower Travelin' Band(+Pre-flower travelin band stuff)


Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Beatles- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(1967 UK Psychedelic Pop)

A must have for every music fan!

With Revolver, the Beatles made the Great Leap Forward, reaching a previously unheard-of level of sophistication and fearless experimentation. Sgt. Pepper, in many ways, refines that breakthrough, as the Beatles consciously synthesized such disparate influences as psychedelia, art-song, classical music, rock & roll, and music hall, often in the course of one song. Not once does the diversity seem forced -- the genius of the record is how the vaudevillian "When I'm 64" seems like a logical extension of "Within You Without You" and how it provides a gateway to the chiming guitars of "Lovely Rita." There's no discounting the individual contributions of each member or their producer, George Martin, but the preponderance of whimsy and self-conscious art gives the impression that Paul McCartney is the leader of the Lonely Hearts Club Band. He dominates the album in terms of compositions, setting the tone for the album with his unabashed melodicism and deviously clever arrangements. In comparison, Lennon's contributions seem fewer, and a couple of them are a little slight but his major statements are stunning. "With a Little Help From My Friends" is the ideal Ringo tune, a rolling, friendly pop song that hides genuine Lennon anguish, à la "Help!"; "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" remains one of the touchstones of British psychedelia; and he's the mastermind behind the bulk of "A Day in the Life," a haunting number that skillfully blends Lennon's verse and chorus with McCartney's bridge. It's possible to argue that there are better Beatles albums, yet no album is as historically important as this. After Sgt. Pepper, there were no rules to follow -- rock and pop bands could try anything, for better or worse. Ironically, few tried to achieve the sweeping, all-encompassing embrace of music as the Beatles did here.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Strange Flowers-Ortoflorovivaistica(Italian Psychedelic Rock)

latest cd by this italian psych band

no downloads this time,but you can stream it! (link is very long,so here a short url)

have fun!