Saturday, February 24, 2007

Good News

the results of the scans where positive!,no visible metastasis where found
so it looks like I'm cancer free.

the amputation went good,the stump looks great
most of the time i don't have that much pain
only phantom pain

next week Thursday i have to start my next chemo therapy session
but those are lighter and only are two nights long.

Greetings Dirk

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Tomorrow(Monday) i''ll have to visit the hospital again....

to hear the results of the MRI and CT Scan i had.

Let's hope they didn't found any Metastatis

The Wednesday's my leg going to be amputated from above my knee.

you can send cards to:

Dirk Sietse Gjaltema
Postbus 11120
9700 CC Groningen
afdeling D1

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Jacks- 2nd Live Show(Live 68-7-24)

1968 Japan Psychedelic Rock


a quite good sounding live lp (originally 200 pressed in 1968)
a must have for fans of japanese psych and garage.
this reissue is limited to 500 copies.
it took some time for me to track this one down on slsk

most of the stuff is from their first album,but also contains one track from super session
but this version is superior (11 minute version of Battlefield in my head)

there are also some tracks wich dont apear on any album like:Daisy,Where and Gone My Yumiko

some of the not so much info i could find about this bootleg:

The Jacks were a 60's band from Japan who sang mostly in Japanese and didn't seem as fixated on America as the rest of the bands of the time
What you get is a pretty nice boot of this super rare, fan club only LP.
If you are expecting tons of over the top, crazed action you might be a bit perplexed.
What you get is an amazingly tight set of most of their hits with flashes of over the top guitar and vocals.
Very Japanese, very amazing.

Originally released in an edition of only 200 copies in Japan in 1968, this legendary psych group's rarest record is made readily available at last in a very limited, numbered edition.
Housed in an eye-popping, four-paneled sleeve, which unfolds into a giant poster.
Limited to 500 numbered copies. Originals: $1500+"

go get it!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

3 Hur-El-Hurel Arsivi

1976? Turkish Psychedelic Rock

a excellent album of turkish psychedelic rock
highly recommended for anyone interested in the turkish psych/prog scene

some information from

Unlike every other band in Turkey, the three Hürel brothers (Feridun,Onur and Haldun) never played cover songs on stage or on record. Feridun who wrote the songs and sang, played a double-necked instrument : one neck for guitar, the other for saz." G.A. & J.D.

"One of the most interesting groups of Turkish progressive music, a legendary sound. 3 brothers, Onur, Haldun, Feridun Hurel: 3 Hur-El. Their first band was at 1966 "Istanbul 4".. Then 1970 3 Hur-El with their special sound. First LP 1972.

As an important differance, the three Hurel brothers didn't play cover songs or turkish music compositions. Feridun did the original composes and lyrics, and sang, also played a double-necked instrument : one neck for guitar, the other for turkish saz. Was a great combination. With special drums, percussions and combination of west-east instruments, they created a new synthesis. That was a great progressive sound of 70's, with great rhythms.

Their second LP "Hurel Arsivi" , 1976, is their most important work (selections from singles)

of the group, amazing rhytms, incredible guitar playing, some psych sounds and vocals...

A must listen."

go get it!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Outcast-Kimi mo Boku mo Tomodachi ni Naro

1967 Japan Group Sounds/Garage Psych

a excellent album with lots of groovy organ and of the best tracks is the fifth track,which would be a nice addition to the Nuggets boxset or any other garage comp.

no track titles included,so if any one has it please leave them in the comments section description
This is an exact ultra limited and completely vanished reissue (legally released in 1996) of their only album out of 1967. Original issue is ULTRA SUPER RARE item. They played original tracks and some cover tracks with fuzz guitar, mad organ, and scream!! Wildest garage/psych band in 60's Japan. You can listen some their songs in some 60's Japanese garage music compilation records/Cd's.

go go get it now!(new link)
rapidshare mirror(coming soon)