Saturday, June 30, 2007

High Rise-Dispersion

1992 Japan Underground Heavy Rock

great album by japanse underground rockers High Rise
somewhat reminds me of Les Rallizes Denudes

allmusic review:
Originally released in Japan in 1992 and reissued in the U.S. by Squealer in late 1998, Dispersion is an album to acquire only if you like your psychedelic rock and heavy metal with a lot of improvisation, jamming and blowing. If you love hearing Cream and Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsies stretch out on their live recordings, Dispersion would be an excellent purchase. As a rule, Cream would provide its share of radio-friendly singles ("White Room," among others) and save the extended blowing for the stage. But there's nothing radio friendly about "Sanctuary," "Outside Gentiles," "Eucharist" and other extended performances on this CD (which isn't as punk influenced as earlier efforts like 1986's High Rise II). Extended guitar solos are the rule for High Rise, and Munehiro Narita (whose blistering, metallic distortion and feedback recall Hendrix and Eric Clapton) is such a captivating guitarist that it's a joy to hear him stretch. Obviously, long solos aren't everyone's cup of tea; Dispersion is for listeners who are willing to sit down and hear improvising rockers do their thing.


Friday, June 29, 2007

The Exam

the exam went excellent,had the highest score.
but most other people also did good
so after the summer vacation i can start again with school

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hiro Yanagida-Hirocosmos @320 kbits

1973 Japan Progressive Rock/Fusion

another one for Jim Mutandsounds

from the softer sounds of the Sons Of Sun album we go to the heavier Hirocosmos album.
This album is so awesome! imho ,no weird doo-wop ballads as on previous albums
just progressive rock/jazz fusion.
been listening a lot to this album lately,got it by email previous week.

Hiro Yanagida delivers some great Mellotron,Electric/Acoustic Piano,Hammond Organ & Synthesizer work on this album.the rest of the band concists of
info that came with the email:
It seems Hiro Yanagida was the keyboard player for Foodbrain and Love Live Life + One, amongst others, kicking his solo career off with 1970's Milk Time.
Hirocosmos is his fourth solo, and can be summed up in one word: fusion.
Various jazz/rock styles are covered, although Yanagida's probably at his best when delivering fiery, Mahavishnu-type stuff, as on Rockomotion or The Sea Of Tempest when it gets going, although the album contains more of his reflective material along the lines of Time For Reverie.

His keyboard work is fairly astounding, with some absolutely blistering Moog work on several tracks, along with the ubiquitous Rhodes.
He plays Mellotron on two tracks, with some stupidly fast 'Tron flute work on Breaking Sound-Barrier; no idea how he played that without loads of key-click, missed notes etc. Talent, I suppose. Anyway, more flutes and strings on Happy Cruise, although that would appear to be it.'

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sons Of Sun - Kaizoku Kid No Boken @320 kbits

1972 Japan w/ Hiro Yanagida

This one is for my fellow Blogger & slsk friend Jim Mutandsounds
got this one by email by some one,he also gave me another Hiro Yanagida solo album
wich i will share soon(also @320 kbits)
.musically this sounds like a less rocking Happy End with Keyboards
(Hiro Yanagida was in Foodbrain,Apryl Fool,Love Live Life +1 ect...)

this is what he wrote about the album:

This perfect album was release in 1972 with Hiro Yanagida on keyboard. Other musicians are not well known. As I know some of them were session musicians in different times and that the lyrics for this album were written by Takashi Matsumoto (from Apryl Fool and Happy End).
You will not find here a prog or psych. This is a quite interesting album. The mood of this album is so positive that seems it was written for kids or all musicians here remembered their childhood :) But nevertheless it's a brilliant album which is fun to listen to

go get it!(new link)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a update

normally tomorrow i would have a chemo cure,but not this time
because later this week friday i have a exam at school (wich i couldnt do last year,because my body deceided to get cancer)
and normally that would be the day after my chemo cure ended,and normally i start feeling better
saturday or sunday.and i dont want to feel crap at a exam

so i have my chemo cure the 5th of july

Monday, June 25, 2007

Flied Egg-Goodbye

1972 Japan Progressive Hard Rock

someone on slsk had read that i needed a higher quality version of this album
and uploaded it for me,so here is the second and last album by Flied Egg @224 kbits
later this week i will have some excellent rare stuff @320 kbits

The 2nd and last album from Flied Egg, also originally released in 1972 on Japanese Vertigo. It's a theoretical live album, with a miraculously heavier "rockin" sound than Dr. Siegel's Fried Egg Shooting Machine. Number of tracks with the word "woman" in the title? A mere one. But don't let that lessen the sensational experience of your your brain cells slowly killing themselves off one by one as this stoner-magnet spins in your player.
-forced exposure

The last album was mostly live [from their farewell concert, apparently] and leant more towards their heavy rock side, notably influenced by Grand Funk circa ‘Live Album’ and numerous Black Sabbath-meets-Mountain wannabes, and including a couple of old Strawberry Path songs. The studio material was in a similar vein to the range of styles on their first album. Drummer Hiro Tsunoda had previously been in The Jacks, Foodbrain and Strawberry Path, and was also in Sadistic Mika Band at some point. Bassist Masayoshi Takanaka had previously been in Brush

go get it

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Flower Travellin' Band - Live at Hibaya Open Air (13 Aug. 72)

It's Fuckin' Flower Travellin' Band!

excellent live bootleg by these guys
sound quality varies.
source was a lossless audio rip of this bootleg
re-encoded it to high quality 320 kbits files

this bootleg is probaly from around the sametime they released the Make Up double album

Part2(new link)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Flied Egg-Dr. Siegel's Fried Egg Shooting Machine

1972 Japan Progressive Hard Rock

ive had this one for some time
and it took some time to find a complete version of this album on
slsk,because most versions i found were incomplete
so here's the full 10 track album.
note:if some one has their second album Goodbye at a bitrate higher than
128 kbits (if possible 160/192/320 kbits)

Reissue of the first Flied Egg album, originally issued by Japanese Vertigo in 1972. An offshoot of the short-lived Strawberry Path, Flied Egg were a trio of Shigeru Narumo (guitar, keyboards), Hiro Tsunoda (drums, vocals) and Masayoshi Takanaka (bass). They played a hogwash of progressive hard rock with pop-like flourishes all featuring English vocals.
the album have a very nice psuedo Dali-cover painting. And what band to ever appear on the Vertigo roster had a better name than Flied Egg?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Japanese Rockin' Psyche & Punk, '65-'71: Psychedelic of Love

Cities On Flame Exclusive
another volume of this excellent import compilation serie's
get the previous one i posted here
this one was provided by Max G from playitagainmax
but the problem was their were no romanji (or english) track titles or
band names (i could find out two tracks) but i could not recognise the other ones.
and no one could help me @ the forums
so i emailed Lizardson if he could translate the titles (he's japanese)
and he did a wonderfull job on it.

get part 1
get part 2

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Morita Doji-A Boy

1977 Japan Female Acid Folk

third morita doji album from 1977
didnt listen good to this one,so i cant write much.
i just listened once,but more sure will follow!
this is the last Morita Doji album i have
i dont know if this one also was arranged by j.a seazer (this list defenitly isnt complete)

go get it

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Morita Doji-Mother Sky

1976 Japan Female Acid Folk
arranged by J.A Seazer

looks like this week becomes sort of a Morita Doji week
this is her second album from 1976
wich is as good as her first album

some info from popsike
Released on November 21st, 1976. Will certainly appeal to fans of Comus, Asakawa Maki, Slap Happy Humphrey, Japanese psych heads and late night acid folk adepts. I cannot stress enough the grandeur of Morita Doji, just over the top brilliant. She retired completely from the music scene and public view at the beginning of the eighties and will never appear again in the public spotlights, so here is your chance to lay yer hands upon her melancholic, late night and utterly desolate sound spheres. Highest recommendation. One of the all time best female vox records to emerge out of Japan of all times!!

go get it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Morita Doji-Goodbye

1975 Japan Female Acid Folk

im quite sure that anyone who downloaded the Slap Happy Humprey
album wants to hear the original songs
so here is the first album by Morita Doji @192 kbits

some infor from popsike:

Great Original copy of this dark-clad acid-folk psych album that reminds me of Bridget St John. Original copy that comes with 3 inserts, all with pictures and detailed lyrics. Dark, melancholic and ethereal female vocals. Stunningly great and getting rarer every minute. Released in November 1975. Will certainly appeal to fans of Comus, Asakawa Maki, Slap Happy Humphrey, Japanese psych heads and late night acid folk adepts. I cannot stress enough the grandeur of Morita Doji, just over the top brilliant. She retired completely from the music scene and public view at the beginning of the eighties and will never appear again in the public spotlights, so here is your chance to lay yer hands upon her melancholic, late night and utterly desolate sound spheres. Highest recommendation. One of the all time best female vox records to emerge out of Japan of all times!!

go get it!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Slap Happy Humphrey-S/T

1995 Japan Psychedelic Noise Folk

this was requested sometime ago
a great album,but currently out
of print and defenitly never will be re-issued
due to the fact Jojo Hiroshige & Co didnt ask permission to cover the songs by Morita Doijil.
this album has the almost angelic vocals of Mineko Itakura(from Angel'in Heavy Syrup)
who almost sounds like Morita herself

About Slap Happy Humphrey (by JoJo Hiroshige):
Slap Happy Humphrey had its real debut on The Aiyoku Jinmin Battle Royal compilation, put out by Alchemy in the summer of 1992, with the song "Gyakkosen" ("Light My Eyes"). The concept of the band was to do noisy covers of the songs by Morita Doji, a singer active in the late '70s - early '80s. All of her works had gone out of print, and I never even heard her name mentioned anymore. It came as a total surprise when her song "Bokutachi no Shippai" ("Our Failure") was used in 1993 as the theme song for a TV series, becoming a hit, with sales of 800,000, and leading to CD reissues of her whole back catalog. Slap Happy Humphrey had recorded two more songs, "Chiheisen" ("Horizon") and "Sentimental Dori (Street)" for a PUblic Bath single in the fall of 1992 (it was released in April of 1994), and plans were made for a full CD, but in the midst of the Morita Doji "boom," it would have been overkill, so recording was put off for over a year.

read the rest here

go get this!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Edip Akbayram-Edip Akbayram (Shadoks)

1974/1977 Anadolu Rock

i had uploaded this for a turkish person on some dutch forum ( ,nr 10 on )
edip is currently my fav. turkish artist next to the king of turkish rock (Erkin Koray!)
this album contains his first two records(minus 1 track) and some singles
from the same era.
tracks are both tagged in english & turkish

320 kbits

Desciption/Review from Aquarius Records

Glad tidings for Turkish psych freaks, or those soon to become Turkish psych freaks (just give this a listen!): here's a new must-have collection crammed full of swirling, fuzzed-out electric saz, impassioned vocals, and traditional Turkish folk gone funk! If you are indeed into the groovy East-meets-West psychedelia that flourished in Istanbul back in the '60s and '70s, artists like Mogollar, 3 Hur-el, Baris Manco, and Erkin Koray, chances are you may already be familiar with Edip Akbayram and his band Dostlar (formed in '73). This new Edip Akbayram double disc on the Shadoks label contains 24 tracks, including ten of the 14 cuts found on that previous reissue (meaning, if you already have that cd, you still will want this for the whole disc and then some of songs you don't have... and you can't get rid of the Nedir reissue either if you want those four songs that don't overlap). So this is definitely the Edip set to get at any rate.

The colorful music of Edip Akbayram and Dostlar is pretty much the hardest-rockin' all the Turkish psych acts of the era I've heard...darn heavy in spots. The Anatolian folk-rock of the sixties is blended with a polyester '70s wah-wah funked-up progginess here. It's vibrant and colorful music to make you feel like you're in some smoky, swinging nightclub on one of the warren of narrow, twisting side-streets off of the hip main drag Istiklal in the Beyoglu neighborhood of Istanbul, back in the day, sweating on the dance floor or sitting back, sucking on a hookah.

The cd booklet is full of cool photos, and a page of liner notes, giving Edip's bio but no info on the tracks themselves, I'm just told that they're from his first two albums and singles. However, they do include English translations of the song titles, which should give some idea of Edip's seemingly dire outlook on life (or the outlook shared by his Turkish folk sources), with such songs as "Sorrow And More Sorrow", "Miserable", "In Vain", "Our Village Is Full Of Smoke", "Don't Touch My Sad Soul", "Tyrant", "Gallows Pole" and even "My Car Broke Down"! Sounds like a bummer, yet many of these tracks are amazingly upbeat musically!

Edip definitely belongs high up in the reissued ranks of all the incredible, obscure, groovy sixties/seventies psych sounds from all around the world that I can't get enough of: Os Mutantes, San Ul Lim, Mogollar, Blo, Bango, Brincos, Krysztof Klenzon, Juan de la Cruz, Los Dug Dugs, He 6, the stuff on comps like Cherrystones Rocks, Welsh Rare Beat, Prog Is Not A Four Letter Word, Studio One Funk, etc. etc. etc.

still not convinced? read the allmusic review

go get it!

alternate links(rapidshare)

Friday, June 15, 2007

VA-Japanese Rockin' Psyche & Punk '66-'71:Psychedelic Man

*o* !Cities On Flame Exclusive! *0*today i have a cities on flame exclusive
a pricey import compilation from japan.
wich was released in late 2005.
this serie has 3 or 4 more compilations.
this is the volume called Psychedelic Man
and collects stuff from the Columbia record label

includes the first Flower Travellin' Band single (Crash/Doop)
wich they recorded with the Terumasa Hino Quintet(or Quartet)
also has a a non album track by Yuya Uchida & The Flowers
compilation has 25 tracks!
contains quite some bands i previous didnt know.

thanks to jelbogen from wfmu for ripping this great compilation
tracktitles are tagged in romanized japanese and english

go get it

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kan Mikami, Keiji Haino & Motoharu Yoshizawa

Live in the first year of the heisei volume 1&2 +bonus 7 inch1990 Japan Underground

excellent release by the wonderfull PSF(Psychedelic Speed Freaks) label
three excellent artists on 2 cd's (+7 inch)

allmusic review

In the Japanese underground music scene, the artists see no distinction in the varying pockets of the avant-garde. Be it the late free jazz bassist otoharu Yoshizawa, whose improvisation sparing partners were as many as folk troubadours. In the music, material from Keiji Haino that can only be called "total" music or the eccentric folk blues of Kan Mikami, one thing can be said about this trio: that their common link that makes them such appropriate collaborators is their absolute willingness to create a music that knows no boundaries. On this second volume of their Live in the First Year of Heisei project, the trio create a singular music forged from their highly distinguished styles. At times their improvisations are unconfortably primitive, and the guitars, vocals, and bass seem focussed on revealing the very essence of music. An often ugly and grueling interaction that is part Cecil Taylor, part Howlin' Wolf. In other moments, the live recording exhibits elating bursts of pure inspired spontaneity, and the three soulful performers take flight in one collective sweep of pure musical energy. This is an essential recording for fans of either of the three artists and has elements of their collective solo work, notably the intensity of Keiji Haino and Kan Mikami's Vajra project. That fractured guitar and vocal energy, underpinned by Motoharu Yoshizawa's masterful bowed-bass phrasing, is a striking and unique combination.

go get it!

note:using a different host again,some people had problems with not being able to download from

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Les Rallizes Denudes-Field Of Artificial Flower(a.ka Live '73)

1973 Japan Heavy Underground Rock

this band doesnt need introduction i think
if so read this

no information on this bootleg except it was recorded in 1973
and is the only bootleg wich has the song Field Of Artificial Flower

go get it!(righ click>save as)

and watch a video here(Les Rallizes Denudes-Live Open Air 76)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kimio Mizutani-A Path Trough The Haze

1971 Japan Heavy Psychedelic Rock/Jazz Rock

Reupload @192 kbits

an early update today

a favourite of mine,contains some awesome guitar work by guitar god Kimio Mizutani
who also played on the People,Love Live Life+,Uganda & Hiro Yanagida albums (to name a few)

Classic Japanese underground rock album, previously reissued on P-Vine (and more recently, Walhalla). Kimio Mizutani (not the Rallizes dude) was the guitarist in the excellent Japanese freak out group Love Live Life +1 and this is a reissue of his first solo album from 1971, originally issued by Japanese Polydor. Mizutani plays electric and 'folk' guitar, leading a largish rock ensemble (bass, drums, organ, Moog, vocals, etc.) through the paces of what is widely regarded as the true psychedelic masterpieces of the early '70s Japanese scene. Sensitive interludes (with accompaniment by the Toyama String Quartet and Etoh Wood Quartet), tasteful nods to progressive/fusionist extension and lovely psych guitar hoverings by Mizutani dominate the proceedings. A nice merger of hard rock conceptualization and the complexities that would evolve from it.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Subterraneans-Folk & Blues

1967 Dutch Blues & Folk

another rarity from my country
and by blues i mean Blues (and not blues rock)

some info:
Folk-blues duo from The Hague. Downy Boy Jason and Sleepy John Baker recorded 1 LP and 1 single. Both musicians were from famous garage-beat band The Kick.
On this LP they got help from a Group 1850 member and the Q65 drummer. Orig psych-artwork kept intact

go get it

credits to Opa-Loka from Lost In Tyme for uploading it

Sunday, June 10, 2007


1966 or 1967 Dutch Psychedelic Poetry

this time a real rarity
from the famous Nurse With Wound List
i personally dont know the real year,but two items on
say 1966,and one says 1967 or 1968.
the dutch psychedelic underground compilation had a small excerpt from this

description from popsike:

WOORDEN (means 'Words') is weird Dutch album with 4 underground poets and Psychedelic, Experimental, Avant-Garde and Free Jazz sounds! There are no details about year - but I guess it was 1967 or 1968. It's Really Cool Underground album, released on Omega (333.023).
Very difficult to describe this, very weird, strange sounds and effects and poetry!
Totally freaked out, stoned, erotic but also political psychedelia - some poets do sort of singing - very weird!!! Everything is mixed into one piece - so it sounds like long TRIP!!!
Lyrics are mostly in Dutch, but there are few poems in English. Poets are: Hans Wesseling, Simon Vinkenoog, Bob Lens and Nona. Record come in nice gatefold sleeve. There are some pictures inside and poems, while the back cover is reserved with REALLY COOL artwork

go get this!

Friday, June 08, 2007


everything went fine

stay tuned for music after the weekend (or earlier)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Let's hope it goes well this time

tomorrow i have to get my fifth chemo cure,if everything goes well

but if my blood levels are good
i''ll be back thursday!

ps:sorry for not updating yesterday
was playing/beta testing a MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game)
that is quite addictive: Granado Espada

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Surprieze-Zeer oude klanken en heel nieuwe geluiden

1973 Dutch "Psychedelic Free Blues

this is the best quality version of this rare album (265 kbits) around
and taken from a bootleg
i posted this one somewhere in 2006 but that was in crappy 128 kbits.

got this one from some one at the Lost In Tyme blog
who felt that this was more appropriate for my blog.

includes HQ Scans

some info:

One of the most obscure Dutch albums is without a doubt the LP by Surprieze, titled: Zeer oude klanken en heel nieuwe geluiden (Very old sounds and completely new sounds), performed and arranged by Ed van der Meer de Walcheren.
Eddie in 1995: “In september 1966, I started up the band Slack Gang in Breda. We played blues, inspirated by John Lee Hooker, Howling Wolf, Sonny Boy Wiiliamson etc.
Little by little we changed into a kind of cult-band, playing music which we called ‘freeblues’, long tracks, influenced by bands like Capt.Beefheart.
In 1967 we performed in The Hague at the Holland Blues Festivbal in the famous club ‘De Drie Stoepen’, where we played together with acts like Indiscrimination and the Leo Unger Band.
During those days there was something going on in Breda, under the influence of the Academy of Art and the semi-anarchal Theatre ‘De Trapkes’ where mostly jazz and freeform Theatre was performed.
This was the place wheer we held our Provadya-evenings with Slack Gang.
The music of that band grew more into the pop-direction and I left the band.
I continued playing blues and doing some solo-performances.
The LP Surprieze dates from that time (1973).
It contains a.o. Turkish music, blues, free-jazz and electronic sounds”.

Read further at

go get it!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Den'en ni Shisu: Pastoral To Die In the Country

i posted the soundtrack for this time somewhere in 2006 (by J.A Seazer/Caesar)
i recently got the movie by email

this movie was nominated for a Golden Palm
on the cannes movie festival in 1974

i didnt see the movie yet

some information that he provided
I got this one through eMule, DVD quality, in Japanese.
Subtitles are included, but you'll need a specific player to open them (such as VLC or Media Player Classic), because Windows Media Player don't support subtitles.

Subtitles come from:

IMDb informations:


Uploaded by Sins We Can't Absolve for Cities on Flame with Rock'n'Roll.