Monday, June 25, 2007

Flied Egg-Goodbye

1972 Japan Progressive Hard Rock

someone on slsk had read that i needed a higher quality version of this album
and uploaded it for me,so here is the second and last album by Flied Egg @224 kbits
later this week i will have some excellent rare stuff @320 kbits

The 2nd and last album from Flied Egg, also originally released in 1972 on Japanese Vertigo. It's a theoretical live album, with a miraculously heavier "rockin" sound than Dr. Siegel's Fried Egg Shooting Machine. Number of tracks with the word "woman" in the title? A mere one. But don't let that lessen the sensational experience of your your brain cells slowly killing themselves off one by one as this stoner-magnet spins in your player.
-forced exposure

The last album was mostly live [from their farewell concert, apparently] and leant more towards their heavy rock side, notably influenced by Grand Funk circa ‘Live Album’ and numerous Black Sabbath-meets-Mountain wannabes, and including a couple of old Strawberry Path songs. The studio material was in a similar vein to the range of styles on their first album. Drummer Hiro Tsunoda had previously been in The Jacks, Foodbrain and Strawberry Path, and was also in Sadistic Mika Band at some point. Bassist Masayoshi Takanaka had previously been in Brush

go get it


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad news.

The leader of the band Flied Egg, Mr.Shigeru Narumo died 3 months ago.


10:53 AM  
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