Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kan Mikami, Keiji Haino & Motoharu Yoshizawa

Live in the first year of the heisei volume 1&2 +bonus 7 inch1990 Japan Underground

excellent release by the wonderfull PSF(Psychedelic Speed Freaks) label
three excellent artists on 2 cd's (+7 inch)

allmusic review

In the Japanese underground music scene, the artists see no distinction in the varying pockets of the avant-garde. Be it the late free jazz bassist otoharu Yoshizawa, whose improvisation sparing partners were as many as folk troubadours. In the music, material from Keiji Haino that can only be called "total" music or the eccentric folk blues of Kan Mikami, one thing can be said about this trio: that their common link that makes them such appropriate collaborators is their absolute willingness to create a music that knows no boundaries. On this second volume of their Live in the First Year of Heisei project, the trio create a singular music forged from their highly distinguished styles. At times their improvisations are unconfortably primitive, and the guitars, vocals, and bass seem focussed on revealing the very essence of music. An often ugly and grueling interaction that is part Cecil Taylor, part Howlin' Wolf. In other moments, the live recording exhibits elating bursts of pure inspired spontaneity, and the three soulful performers take flight in one collective sweep of pure musical energy. This is an essential recording for fans of either of the three artists and has elements of their collective solo work, notably the intensity of Keiji Haino and Kan Mikami's Vajra project. That fractured guitar and vocal energy, underpinned by Motoharu Yoshizawa's masterful bowed-bass phrasing, is a striking and unique combination.

go get it!

note:using a different host again,some people had problems with not being able to download from


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, for yet another intriguing upload!!
Many thanks, and best wishes to you.

Amanda xx

12:05 AM  
Blogger adgy said...

Awesome! Everytime I find something by Keiji Haino I didn't already have, it feels like Christmas!

Thank you!

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get the message:

This file is synchronized with the free hosting sites listed below. Re-Upload disabled for now (will return soon).

Would anyone be so kind as to re-upload it (rapidshare maybe?).. I would also really like to have this album =/


3:23 PM  
Blogger massiosare89 said...

is it possible to re-reupload this?!?? it looks amazing, and the other japanese rockin' psyche was incredible.

Please, please

1:19 AM  
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