Sunday, August 19, 2007

Toffee Sunday Smash

Dear Andy Morten

Thanks voor broadcasting a special show to dedications off Dirk.
We are very proud that dirk's music taste means so much to people all over the world.

Toffee Sunday Smash

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dear cyberfriends

It is already two weeks ago that Dirk past away and went to his heavenly Father, in my heart there is a piece off me death the lost and pain is so deeply, , whe all miss him so much.

The funeral has been filmed, en when its ready whe will put it on his blog,

Whe are so greatfull that dirk ment so much for you all, the comments are pulling us true the lost and pain, whe want to thank you all, whe will post soon news from his funeral, he told us how he wanted it and it whas good

Love and greetings from his mom and dad and his two little brothers and his sister

Friday, August 03, 2007


august the 1

dear cyber friends

today Dirk past a way, he went to his heavenly father, Dirk wants to ask you to please sign the comments as a memorial for next off kin


Dear Cyberfriends,
I am Dirk's mother, and Dirk asked me to keep you updated on how he is
doing. Well I have to tell you all some sad news, wednesday the 25th we went
to the hospital for his 7th chemo, but as Dirk told you he wasn't feeling
well. The doctors examined him and they found a huge tumor and fluid in his
left lung, there is nothing that they can do for him anymore, the prognosis
is that he only has a few weeks to live... At the moment it's going very
fast, day by day he is getting worse... Dirk asked me to tell you this, and
that when he passes away, he wants the comments to be used as a memorial
register, and then the blog will be closed. It will stay as a memorial in
loving memory of Dirk.. Greetings and love from Dirk and his mom Janny