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Winston McAnuff-Diary Of The Silent Years [1977-2000](Rare Roots Reggea)

Excelent Roots Reggea

Winston Mcanuff is not an artist whose albums you will often find at record dealers. He's rather one of the obscure names of reggae, one you will discover by chance an old and long forgotten single of yours. He was born as a son of a preacher in 1957, in the hills of Manchester parish, near Christiana, in Jamaica. After his father's death in 1971 he left his native home, moved to Kingston and soon became friends with Hugh Mundell, Earl Sixteen and Wayne Wade. From 1975 on, he recorded several songs for Derrick Harriot, which in 1977 gave birth to his first album 'Pick Hits To Click'. Up to 1986 he made two more full length albums for the Inner Circle label Top Ranking and recorded some cuts at Channel One with his band The Black Kush. Today, Winston Mcanuff seriously wants to go back to his singing and composing career and currently the French label Maka Sound compiled this anthology of previously unreleased songs hailing from 1977 to 2000. The album comes complete with some 8 dubs, all of them mixed in 2001. Here you will find some great pure roots reggae, from this unique and underrated singer, who deserves much more than mere critical success. Check out the second tune Head Corner Stone, a wonderful song recorded in 1977 and you know what we mean. From 1985 comes Secret, an awesome song with live instruments, recorded when the digital reggae sound was sweeping the dancehalls. From the same year comes the praising song I Do Love You. He also wrote the anthemic Malcolm X, a song recorded by Dennis Brown and Earl Sixteen, but here you will hear his own version. Recorded in 1990 is Get Thee Hence Satan. The tune Sun Setting In The Sea is present here in three versions. First comes the straight mix, then there's the raw acoustic mix, which brings forward a pure authentic feeling, and finally the excellent dub version.
The tracks, including the dubs, were recorded and mixed at Dynamic Sounds, Aquarius, Music Mountain, Bunny Lee's and Leggo Beast. Involved musicians and background singers include Carlton 'Santa' Davis, Earl 'Chinna' Smith, The Tamlins, Bongo Hermann, Aston 'Familyman' Barrett and Earl 'Wire' Lindo among others. The CD comes with a lovely illustrated 14-page booklet including all the lyrics, liner notes and many photos.
Take a look at Winston McAnuff diary, you won't be disappointed!
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  1. Fear
  2. Head Corner Stone
  3. Secret
  4. Peace
  5. Sun Setting In The Sea
  6. I Do Love You
  7. Malcolm X
  8. Burning Bridges
  9. Get Thee Hence Satan
  10. Sun Setting In The Sea (Acoustic Version)
  11. Fear Dub
  12. Dub Corner Stone
  13. Secret Dub
  14. Peace Dub
  15. Dub Setting In The Sea
  16. I Do Love Dub
  17. X Dub
  18. Burning Dub
  19. Repatriated Soul (Hidden Bonus Track)



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Wow i think your blog is quickly becoming my favorite. Great post. Thanks for like posting stuff that is absolutely amazing (has lots of stuff that i've been looking for, for years)

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On Your Feet, Or On Your Knees, Blue Oyster Cult !!!!
Great use of the lyric matey !! and a very excellent and varied website... I'm a proghead myself so I'm always checking in on your site... it's a firm fave...!!

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