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Dragonfly-4 Celestial Songs EP[67/68 Dutch Psych-Rock]

Highly Recommended!
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Here's some information i rewrote based on this article
and shortened it a bit.
Only the last part was taken from the original article

Brothers Rudy and Tonny de Queljoe emigrated
from the Moluccan island Ambon to The Netherlands in 1951.

and both where very musical and where learning to play guitar
just like many indonesian kids where doing at that time.

we take a jump in time:

With the upcoming beat music Rudy was asked to join a local band named The Javalins
his brother Tonny was allready playing in that band and a friend of him vocalist
Johnny Caljouw.both would later join him in Dragonfly
the band broke up after artisticall differences

Rudy,Tonny and Johhny formed a new band
and called it The Beat Five soon they changed the name into
Group '69 Sect.
Besides Rudy, Tonny and Johnny the other two band members were
drummer Huib Pouwer and rhythmguitarist Carlos van den Berg.
everything was going good with the band
they where quite popular and gained a big fanbase.
they gained residency in two clubs:”La Cave” in Vlissingen and “De Schuttershof” in Goes, both in the province of Zeeland,where the band originaly came from.
in those clubs to would meet the dutch beat scene and played with bands like
Q65,Golden Earings,The Motions and more.
their repotoire changed aswel and
their set concisted of John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers,
The Doors and Jimi Hendrix
. Hans Verhagen( a well known tv maker at that time)
once was in the club La Cave(his parent lived in Vlissingen)
and met the band there and loved them at first sight
Compared them to the Jimi Hendrix Experience and lending them albums of Captain Beefheart, Moby Grape and other West Coast bands to get further inspiration and became their manager.
And changed the name to Dragonfly. They asked
Artist/Painter Bert Kieten for inspiration
he was the one who came up with the painted faces.
the two singles where recorded in one session in '67 and the first one Celestial Dreams(can be called a psych classic.
meanwhile they had their face painted at every gig they did.
and were welcomed by overenthousiastic audiences when playing their first series of gigs in Amsterdam Clubs like “Felix Meritis”, “Paradiso”, “Fantasio,” the “Birdsclub” and “Sheherazade”. With their Hendrix-linspired psychedelic guitar-sounds and together with the painted faces they made an unbelievable impression.
they even played at
  • the First European International Pop Festival(Rome,Italy '68)
  • the Middle Earth club in london
2 movies where made about them
both movie's are not availible on dvd yet
  • Prince of Amboyna
  • De Tijdgeest
Hans Verhagen had a great time handling the band but being a drug addict, he often had a bunch of lunatics hanging around him, which wasn’t exactly good for certain things which needed to be done especially on the business side. The band got fed up with Hans in the end and decided to break up with him.The result: Verhagen got terribly mad and immediately called of all the remaining gigs, putting the band out of work at the spot which, eventually, caused their demise in the end.

go get it!


Blogger Ramoonus said...

kom zelf uit vlissingen en dit is hier nog steeds een legedarische groep.
iedereen die deze singles heeft doet ze absoluut niet weg.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Knut said...

Cool stuff man! Havent downloaded it yet, but its on its way and I might aswell leave a comment before I forget it :D

(and thanks for a few others albums..that I havent commented on)

1:27 PM  
Blogger TimosPsychedelicious said...

Excellent album, i looooved track 1! Grab it people, it's rare as star dust!!! ;-)

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great! I don't know how you find this stuff, it's obscure, even on vinyl! Thanks..

8:36 PM  
Anonymous marc said...

i wanted to hear this band for a long time, thanks/bedankt

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Dogbreath said...

Wauw, this is very cool music. I had some of this band, but not everything, thanks!

3:57 PM  
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3:51 PM  
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Blogger Roger hippie said...

Celestial Empire is the best song of band...
Thanks to upload !!!

9:19 PM  

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