Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Shin Joong Hyun & The Men -Selftitled[72-73? Korean Psychedelic Rock]

also known as It's A Lie
just got this excellent rip(254 kbits vbr) by snail mail today

includes high quality artwork

some information:
It's difficult to unravel the deep historical mystery of these recordings although the date appears to be 1972 on the booklet. Having said that there is no great mystery about the greatness of the three long tracks on this disc! Minimal moody vocals don't interfere in the slightest with the incredible fuzz and wah-wah guitar solos, the groovy weird keyboards the monster drum solos or the oboe (!) Truly psychedelic songs with all the strangeness that non-Anglo approach to trippy music seems to engender with touches of Doors and early Hawkwind, if you need non-Asian reference points. 3 very long tracks (15 minutes + each) of tripped out jamming. (FE)

'My Job is to Make Rock Music in Korean Style'. Guitarist Shin Jung Hyun is considered the father of Korean rock music, his career beginning in the mid-50's playing at post-war US Army bases. During the late sixties and early seventies his garage bands Donkeys and Questions composed hit singles and provided backing for the popular female vocalists of the time, such as Kim Jung-Mi and the Pearl Sisters. But it is the 1972-1973 recordings with his psychedelic group The Men that gets the blood flowing of international rock music explorers. Due to commercial demands of the record labels, the original LP's were configured as a side of shorter, poppier tracks with guest singers, while the flip was where the band was allowed to 'stretch out'. World Psychedelia has selected three of the best of these longer excursions -- 'Beautiful Country', 'It's A Lie' and 'A Woman In The Mist' -- forty-four minutes of oil-emulsion-slide acid rock with fluid guitar, organ textures and an occasional ethnic woodwind to gently remind the listener that the origin is SK not SF.

and some information from

Shin Jung Hyun was the undisputed master of Korean rock for a 20-year stretch that began in the late-'50s and lasted until the mid-'70s. He began performing professionally as early as 1955, and in 1962 he founded the group Add 4, who would be the very first Korean rock and roll band. Hyun was a tireless performer with a fascinating artistic evolution. As an enormously gifted and innovative guitar player with the capacity to be boldly experimental, he was able to easily master and mix together garage rock, surf rock, folk, pop, Korean traditional song and even psychedelia as the decade progressed into the '70s. He released scads of albums under varying configurations and was the backing band and musical director for countless Korean female pop sensations.

The record at hand was recorded with his group The Men and probably dates from around 1973. It's comprised of three wonderfully long psychedelic rock jams, and on every single song his rhythm section provides a chugging forward beat (imagine a Korean Neu! perhaps) over which Hyun and his cohorts play astonishingly inventive solos. The band will periodically drop out and Hyun will then chime in with his lovely sing/whispering and somehow turn a 20-minute extended jam into a pop tune.

In 1975 Park Jung-Hee, the president of South Korea's then military regime, demanded that Shin Jung Hyun record a song in praise of the South Korean residential palace; he refused and recorded a song lauding the beauty of Korea's rivers and mountains instead. He was promptly arrested on trumped up charges of marijuana use and was banned from playing or recording until the mid-'80s at which point he only had a few more years left to live


go get it!


Blogger Borbocenk said...

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3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

password fails when trying to open .rar file.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to have yo back and hope you are feeling well.

Please could you re-post "Cosmos Factory - A Journey With The Cosmos Factory[1975 Japan Space Prog Rock]"

Thanks A.U.L.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's some stuff I uploaded earlier for other people:

Comus - First Utterance

This Heat - Deceit

Peter Brotzmann - Machine Gun

Alexander Von Schlippenbach - Pakistani Pomade

The Congos - Heart of the Congos

Tim Buckley - Blue Afternoon

Tim Buckley - Goodbye and Hello

Tim Buckley - Happy Sad

Tim Buckley - Lorca

Morphine - Good

Terry Riley - A Rainbow in Curved Air / Poppy Nogood

Deuter - Silence is the Answer

Einsturzende Neubauten - Silence is Sexy

Glenn Branca - The Ascension

Nurse With Wound - Nurse With Wound - Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella

AMM - AMMusic

The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street

Dead C - Harsh 70s Reality

Sun Ra - Jazz in Silhouette

Parson Sound - Parson Sound

Charles Mingus - Pithecanthropus Erectus

Suicide - Suicide

Elvis Costello - This Year's Model

Cecil Taylor - Unit Structures

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew Complete Sessions

Bark Psychosis - Hex

Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Remnants of a Deeper Purity

Captain Beefheart - Strictly Personal

Charlemagne Palestine - Strumming Music

Dadamah - This is not a Dream

Bernhard Günter - Un Peu De Neige Salie

3:33 AM  
Blogger Christopher said...

Oh wow, this music is amazing! Nonstop psychedelia! I can't believe it... It reminds me of DMBQ a little bit. I have been coming to your blog for about a month, and just recently found out we belonged to the same group, Psychedelic Japan, on What a coincidence... I wish you the best with your treatments, stay strong.

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dirk,

wish you all the best, particularly that you can fight your cancer!

I stumbled upon Yasumi no kuni, which I like very much. Thank you for that.

Maybe you could repost
The Jacks- Vacant World+Super Session['68/69 Japan Group Sounds] ?

Kind regards

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why this LP when Reissued was a comp, but as an original it wasn't? I own the vinyl lp and the songs are not the same as what you've posted. One of the songs on this comp is from the Jang Hyun lp, not Shin Jung. Shin Jung produced it, but it's not on his lp. The vinyl RE of this lp that came on on beatball is also different then the CD. Really retarded when people press CD's that aren't accurate

5:08 PM  
Anonymous myung said...

by glade that dirk is posting, the men has cancer you idiot, first read and then hold youre mouth you don,t are a real cyber friend, myung from japan, dirk all the best

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great album! That 20+ minute track is just awesome. The two shorter ones remind me of the little I've heard of Sunbirds, a German group.
I'm confused though - World In Sound notes say this is a compilation of longer tracks taken from other Shin Jung Hyun & The Men albums, other notes say it is an original album reissue. I only know of one album by Shin Jung Hyun & The Men [ie. It's A Lie], and I thought his other stuff was done with different band names. Does anyone know what's really going on?

4:12 AM  
Anonymous brandi said...

hey dirk- glad to hear you're feeling a little better. i noticed one of your requests- Uganda- was just posted here:
he's got you linked, so maybe you already have it.
thanks again for all the great posts!!! you're amazing

9:38 AM  
Blogger Dr. Nothing said...

It sucks the file sharing system you use makes one fill out spam junk before downloading. Why do you use such a horrible system?

10:27 AM  
Blogger john said...

Your blog has fried my mind!!!
I just found it a week ago, but thank you Thank You THANK YOU for all the great stuff you've posted so far. So much of it is awesome, but my favorites are the J.A. Ceaser Kokko Junreika and Heresey albums. The intensity of Heresy especially is near-overwhelming. Any chance you could re-post Ceaser's "Death in the Country" or the Tokyo Kid Brothers albums? I gotta say that this whole Japanese theatrical stuff is blowing my mind right now and I wanna hear more!
I also gotta give you props for staying strong and dealing with your disease. Last summer I got testicular cancer and had to get one of 'em removed plus lots of radiation treatment so I kinda know about this crap... Chemo must suck even more but it seems like you already made it through most of it... Anyway, I hope the power of this music can give you strength to face the rest of it. Stay strong, 'cause the world needs you!

11:06 PM  
Blogger kingkong said...

your blog is fantastic. I intend to send you something. strangely enough I haven't downloaded anything yet even though I have known of this site for months! It's like a cake where you just don't know where to start. I think I'll empty my portable player and just throw everything inside. A serious thank you - because whenever I go to a show here in san francisco, in one of those small little venues that are all ages most of the time even though they have a bar, it is hard to get anyone to tell me what they listen to - I only got more than 5 from maybe 3 people and I tend to ask everyone I meet so this is a wealth of names for me to dive into and not just that but I can listen to it right away, cut out the middle-man! How wonderful - literally all I know about the psych-type thing (although I'm not much of fan of catagorizing music) is that Acid Mothers Temple is in there, and boy, they are in there, deep. I have such a small record collection that all I have affiliated with ACT is a record by Akaten (the white one with camera on it). I can't wait to see ACT again. Anyway. More posts. More music, of any sort, please. I would say goodluck but I'm not sure you need it ;)

8:57 AM  
Blogger nic said...

Thank you so much for your blog! You probably already know this, but Uganda is posted at it's excellent. is there any chance you may re up the Ceremony or the Love Live Life record? Thank you and Best Wishes.

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Alex said...

Uganda - Uganda (1972) is here:

By the way is the best file hosting site. I'm in Russia.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful stuff, many thanks Dirk! Track 01 is an extended riff on the Pearl Sisters track, "I'll wait," which was probably written/produced by SJY? Not sure if the Pearls Sisters are in the studio or if they are using a tape.

By the way ;) I'm looking for Yoshio Hayakawa's
"Kakkoii kotowa nante kakkowaruin darou (How Uncool is Cool Thing)" - the Jacks' front man's solo album from around 1969. Any chance you have this lying around ...?

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Nothing said...

"It sucks the file sharing system you use makes one fill out spam junk before downloading. Why do you use such a horrible system?"

Certainly to annoy ingratefull selfish douchebags with no respect like yourself!!!!!!!

dirk's pal

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Bruce said...

Hey, you're back! Still doin chemo though? Anyway, good to see you and keep up your strength.

best wishes

12:27 PM  
Blogger iheartrecords said...

I LOVED this one! I just stumbled upon your site and have been getting loads of goodies! I hope you are feeling better! I've read all your posts.

Thanks again! :)
Melissa in San Diego

2:32 AM  
Blogger iheartrecords said...

p.s. I have all the San Ul Lim records and really like a lot of Korean music like that. I would love it if you could post more... if you have more to share. :)

2:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this fantastic record!

All the best for you in the future.


1:53 AM  
Anonymous margate said...

hi,thanx for posting some boss records,i hope your health improves.
all the best j

4:04 PM  
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2:35 PM  
Blogger aa said...


9:39 AM  
Blogger Roper said...

HI- I know I'm late on this, but anyway you can repost or send a message with the link? I'd really like to check this out and it's impossible to find. I first heard of him on the awesome Forge Your Own Chains album. Awesome post, thanks for the help!

8:12 AM  

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