Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Foodbrain-Social Gathering (1970 Japan Heavy Psychedelic Rock)

Very Rare! And A Must Have!

the lp is very expensive on ebay(more than 300 dollars)

Foodbrain were part of the early Japanese psych scene. Two of its members, Shinki Chen and Hiro Yanagida were part of a circle that included Speed, Glue and Shinki, and Love Life Live + 1. Foodbrain's Social Gathering features Yanagida's swirling Hammond organ and Chen's monsterous blues guitar. Where there is smoke there is fire and these guys smoke! The album has a nice raw vibe that adds to the overall energy of the album. The "normal" songs are connected by brief interludes of experimental bits, harpsichord, and so forth. The longest song, "A Hole in a Sausage" is the most experimental and contains some mad saxophone amidst the obligatory free-form psychedelic freakout. It gets a might tedious unless you're as stoned as those guys were! The rest of the album, though, is good heavy blues/psych. If you like good heavy blues guitar and organ, or are a fan of heavy psychedelia, check out Foodbrain.

also has members from:Apryl Fool,Golden Cups and Strawberry Path

  1. That Will Do
  2. Naked Mountain
  3. Waltz for M.P.B.
  4. Liver Juice Vending Machine
  5. The Conflict of The Hippo and The Pig
  6. Clock
  7. One-Sided Love
  8. The Hole in a Sausage
  9. Dedicated to Bach



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grate!!!! Thank you

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks dude.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

great album - sadly the first track seems to be corrupted - any chance for a proper reupload?

Same thing with the MISUNDERSTOOD post.

thanks anyway,
mike floyd

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

any chance of a reseed ? rapidshare.com ?

6:43 AM  
Anonymous muebles en madrid said...

It won't truly have effect, I suppose so.

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