Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cosmos Factory-Metal Reflection['77 Japan Rare Hard Rock]

Firth and last (and rarest) LP by Cosmos Factory
its more hardrock but still it sounds like Cosmos Factory
this is a excelent Vinyl Rip(no noises,ect...)

Their last album, 'Metal Reflection'
has a reputation for being more of a metal/hard rock thing,
but it's actually a lot more varied than that.
It's a pretty good album containing proggy hard rock,
proggy metal, spacey prog, cosmic funk,
a ballad, and almost omnipresent synthesisers.
Some bits are reminiscent of some Magical Power Mako circa 'Jump'
[wich i will post in then near future].
The production is excellent

stay tuned for more cool stuff in the future(i got some really rare stuff)
tomorrow some Japanese Glam Rock by Vodka Collins
wich Marc Bolan & his wive seemed quite impressed with
when it got released in (72/73)



Blogger Miss F said...

hello... just letting you know how muCh i love your bLog. I am about to d0wnload this albUM. i am now listening to their aLbum A JOURNEY WITH THE COSMOS FACTORY, it is truly enthralling and wonderful. "The Sea" is something Pink Floyd might have done had they been born in Japan. sublime and ethereal-like. I never would have disc0vered these great Japanese music if it weren't for you. I am simply addicted to Japanese culture so this is a treat!~~~~~

ever since being initiated into the glory of PIZZICATO 5 (thanKs to another blessed blogger named Caesar Tjalbo) I've been fatasizing everY night about listening to more and more JapanesE stuff!!!!i am so amazed that they're so good in copying(?) the genre and yet so ORIGINAL and JAPANeSE at the same time.

again thanKs for setting my heart afLame and stimulating "The Infinite universe of our Mind" ... i plunge iNto your bLog with much w0nder, awe and resigNation- it is a "JOURNEY WITH NO DESTINATION" amen.

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hee dude it is super doeper coolyoure blog is the best love katy

2:42 PM  
Blogger the6070Rock said...



ROCK ON !!!!!!

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please repost when you will feel better Dirk. Wish you all my best for your therapy.

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello from Russia!
I have got An Old Castle only... and I liked this band. So
Could you please repost all the rest 3 Cosmos Factory albums???
With good health wishes,

6:15 PM  

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