Monday, June 05, 2006

Paatos-Silence Of Another Kind[2006 Swedish Prog-Rock]

Latest release by this great swedish "prog-rock"
band with their great female vocalist Petronella Nettermalm.
its a good album but not my favourite ,that should be Timeloss or Kallocain(both good albums)
some moments it reminds me a bit of The Gathering(their non-metal stuff)
dont be afraid there's still enough guitar work on this album
after all its a great diverse album

With a much improved level of sophistication in the song writing, the bands latest offering suggests that Paatos have well and truly arrived. With a constant backdrop of the omnipresent but hauntingly beautiful mellotron, the band has managed to encapsulate what is often too difficult for most bands to achieve with regards to the accessibility of the songs. All but 1 of the 9 songs on this new release has an immediately comfortable familiarity factor built in as the melodies are strong and are accompanied by some very catchy hooks that should appease those who thought that Kallocain was too linear and stark.

While not quite as dark as bands such as Landberk, Anglagard, Morte Macabre or others who use the mellotron to induce some more sinister atmosphere within each songs, Paatos have managed to embellish those pieces in a way that adds the perfect amount of depth without sacrificing melody or subtlety. For instant proof of this, there can be no better example than the tracks, “Falling”, “Is That All?”, and “Not a Sound” which are amongst the strongest tracks offered.

Their vocalist, Petronella Nettermalm, has a truly mesmeric voice and seems to have expanded her capabilities and range so much more than before or perhaps it’s because the more elegant compositional style of the songs have enabled her to impart a very convincing message. While some will no doubt liken her overall sound to Annie Haslam’s, I tend to find that with this release more particularly, she sounds closer to Sonja Kristina but feel that may be attributed to the more Curved Air inspired sound of the songs themselves rather than her voice. Either way, the results speak for themselves as this must surely rate as the bands best body of work to date and elevates Petronella’s name as one to reckon with. Combined with her exquisite cello work on the penultimate track, you would be hard pressed to hear a more plaintive or emotional piece of music as this.

The production is first class with a very crisp sound that suggests that a lot of extra time and effort has been spent on getting the mix just right. The band has done an admirable job with this album and infused it with a lot of ideas that were absent on earlier releases. Whether you can accept the slightly different level of heaviness on this album may be a moot point but I found it a thoroughly enjoyable, albeit relatively short and entertaining ride. Well done guys!



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