Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Far East Family Band-Tenkujin['77 Japan Rare Prog-Rock]

includes artwork
last and hardest to find Far East Family Band release

its not their best,but certainly not bad
its better than the stuff i read about it
its more in their earlier style,but still there are the usual
spacey synthesizers

small review i found:
was the final album for Far East Family Band. After the Klaus Schulze style of electronic experimentations of Parallel World, the band decided to go back to the earlier sound, A lot of reasons for that was Kitaro left, embarking on his soon to be famous solo career. Akira Ito also left, also to embark on a solo career, but he ended up not being very well known in New Age circles. This is a trimmed down Far East Family Band with guitarist/vocalist Fumio Miyashita, guitarist Hirohito Fukushima, and bassist Akira Fukukusa. For a new drummer, they brought in Yujin Harada.

Yujin Harada was in a band called Samurai back in the late '60s and early '70s. Not to be confused with the UK band with the same name that featured future Greenslade guy Dave Lawson. This Samurai was a Japanese band that resided in London, with Tetsu Yamauchi (later of Free and Rod Stewart's Faces), as well as a few British musicians they recruited while staying in London (including Graham Smith on harmonica, he was later the violinist for String Driven Thing, and Van der Graaf Generator during their final days). This Samurai released an album in 1970 called Green Tea which is basically late '60s psych, with some prog leanings and the occasional Japanese influences.

Let's get back to Tenkujin. This album had an American release on the small and short-lived California-based All Ears label, hoping to break them in the American market. Without Kitaro and Akira Ito anymore, all synth duties were left to Fumio Miyashita. The album opens up with a synth experiment called "Descension" before seguing in to the wonderful title track. This piece has vocals in Japanese, with great guitar and spacy synthesizers. "Timeless Phase" is a Pink Floyd-like ballad with more than a passing resemblance to The Dark Side of the Moon. It also features some cheesy strings that threw me off. "Nagare" and "From Far East" are more of the typical ballads found here, with the occasional Japanese influences (koto, shakuhachi). These songs are sung partly in English and in Japanese. Unfortunately the album bottoms out with the awful "Ascension". It's a rather cheesy instrumental piece sticking too close to that dreaded New Age style.

and if some one has that Samurai album mentioned here please send a email



Blogger Miss F said...

Hi. I just finished posting my comments over at your "Cave d0wn to earTh" post. *0*

well, what can I say? I am overjoyed to see that I will be abLe to listen to an0ther gem from the Far East Family BanD!!!! they're music is simply marvelous and captivaTing.

Thank y0u so0o0o0 muCh!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous kamagra said...

One of the few bands that I actually like, their sound is very different from the ordinary Japan bands.

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Anonymous mbiencegroup said...

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