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Q65-Revolution['66 Dutch Beat]

Highly Recommended!

Exccellent Dutch Garagish Beat
was introduced to this band
trough one of the Pebbles compilations focused on
the netherlands

In the '60s there were lots of killer beat bands in Holland. Many '60s garage fan are into them now, Outsiders and Q65 being the most prominet..
They started the band in early 1965. Befor Q, Peter Vink (bass) and Jay Baar (drums) played in another blues band called Leadbelly's Limited . In The Hague there were lots of Indonesian Dutch bands played instrumental number from the '50s. Their mysterious sound also influenced to Q65. In the middle of '65 ,they had some live gigs and were called the "Dutch Pretty Things" because of their Ugly sound!

But Peter Vink said "We were influenced by R&B, Sam and Dave, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding.. not Pretty Things".

They released their first single"You 're the Victor" in Feb '66. It was frantic R&B punk with strange vocals and harp. It made #11 hit and stayed in the charts for 13 weeks..

Their 2nd single was "The Life I Live". In this song they established their ugly sound.
To adverise it, the record company made them reckless promotion . They were asled to go London by rubbur lifeboat! Then they would play at club in London but they were unable to obtain work permits, so they only appeared press and photo sessions.

They went back by rubber lifeboat again, (actually they rode on a ship"Zilver'mee"which means Silver Seagull),and as soon as they saw Schevenning shore they boaded the rubber lifeboat as if they had sailed from England that way.
At Schevenning shore,30000 fans were waiting for them. Kjoe(same pronouced Q in Dutch, which is what the fans called the band) had to run away to escape the enthusiastic fans. They had a gig at the pier. This promotion went well and it garnered them a Top 10 hit.

n '66 they released their first album "Revolution" (they chose the title because they felt it was a "revolutinary "album for them)which also inclueded a version of Sonny boy Williamson's "Bring It Home" which lasted nearly fourteen minutes and other Blues and R&B covers. The album alsohad the killer original tunes,"I got Nightmares""Sour Wine" .

This fab R&B punk album sold 35000copies.They joined the Small Faces,Spencer Davis Group,Kinks Pretty Things in Holland. In '67 they released Kjoe Blues EP(Q's Blues), including 3Blues covers and a original "80%O"(it was an acid instrumental song about 80% Opium).

They were into soft drag , and their sound changed. Their lyrics had mysterious double meanings. In '68 Wim was drafted into teh Army. This marked the end of the first Q65 era.

265 kbits
Part 1
Part 2


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Kzuki on my blog.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, could you possibly post this link again.... I've been after this for ages... and would really apprecaite it...

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i just re-uploaded the links

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Anonymous Karel said...

Great post Dirk!
One of the best from the "Dutch Scene"
Do you have the album "Rainman" from Frank Nuyens?
That would be great too...

Thanks for sharing all this great music.

Veel succes!

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okers..Thanks to you, I'm much obliged
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Ramble On...!!! lol


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Thanks for this and for the Outsiders. Both are records I've dreamed about owning for some time. Thanks too for all of the work you do to keep this blog going. Much obliged!

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