Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Carnabeats-First Album

1968 Japanese Group Sounds

you might know 'em from various GS Compilations
but here is a album full of music by them,has excellent originals and cover versions(most of them in japanese except one)

The 60s garage/psych fan’s never-ending quest to uncover new and increasingly unusual musical artifacts, no corner of the globe has gone unscathed.
We’ve scoured the earth for records we didn’t even know existed, dug through tapes looking for unreleased anything, and traveled to foreign lands searching for rare indigenous pop sounds.
To date, one of the most eclectic and satisfying of musical finds has been the amazing Japanese 60s pop scene, nicknamed “Group Sounds” or G.S. for short.
Although it took years to get notice in the West, for Japanese teens, it was impossible not to get swept up in probably the most significant pop music revolution Japan has ever experienced. Among the leading G.S. groups was the Carnabeats, who formed in 1967 and released this album in 1968.
It’s really a great collection, containing some excellent and hard-hitting pop songs in Japanese, English, and sometimes a combination of the two.
Many of the songs on this album are absolutely frantic, with screamed vocals, violently aggressive fuzztone guitar, and breakneck drums.
As with most other Japanese 60s bands, the Carnabeats were a dangerous blend of the instrumental ferocity of the Ventures and the melodic pop sensibilities of the Beatles. Particularly excellent examples of this synergy include “Okay,” “Chu! Chu! Chu!,” and “Koi Wo Shiyoyo Jenny,” which was a big hit for the group.
Another of the better songs, “Sandy” boasts possibly the most aggressive fuzztone riff to emerge from the 60s.
In addition to strong original compositions, many fine covers are included, such as their Japanese language versions of the Great Scots’ “Give Me Lovin’,” and the Zombies “I Love You.” Their cover of the Animals’ “When I Was Young” is so menacing and disturbing that it might have made Eric Burdon think a little more positively of his own childhood, had he got wind of it back in 1968.

go get it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there!
thanks but the link doesn't work!!!

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Blogger Dirk said...

it does work

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there must be a local connection problem as the page can't open at present

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Blogger FryingFish said...

Download worked fine.

Thanks for this been looking for it for a while.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great posts from one of the best blogs ever!!!! Hats off to you, you are the best!!!!

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Blogger savoadaki said...

Glad to know you're back for real, and still feisty. I've been waiting for nearly a year (Canada's health system) for hip-replacement surgery), but it will be scheduled soon, as all my other doctors have to pass on the surgery (the renal clinic, cardiologist, family doctor) and they're seeing me now. There's no cancer involved, just a hip socket with no lining -- they'll replace the head of the femur with an artifical head -- hope it works!
I've been listening to a lot of music for the past months, and enjoy the prog genre though laregely unknown to me at the time it was developed.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Love it! Thank you

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

it does work

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Link doesn't work!

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it's an important album, I've got a couple of discs and I think they're a good band. I just love the unusual musical artifacts that they used it.

4:30 PM  
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I will find each GS Compilation. I've been hearing a lot of critics about them, so I just wanna hear some of their music.

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