Monday, June 12, 2006

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a good blog with rock(mostly 70's) from the netherlands
good blog with prog and other stuff
he posted the extremely rare Flower Travelling Band - Live at Hibaya Open Air - 13 Aug. 1972 bootleg
in lossles .ape format,go get it!

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no uploads by myself today
go check the archives,so if you missed something go get it now
most links are still working
i got this in a email from a visitor
Xhol Caravan-Motherfuckers GMBH & Co. KG,(1972 experimental Krautrock]
One year later, the band changed their name to just Xhol to avoid confusion with the more famous British band. Their followup, Motherfuckers GMBH & Co. KG, shows the band's total disregard for anything commonly accepted. Not released until 1972 (by the legendary underground Ohr label), though recorded two years before, Xhol had clearly moved away from their fusion roots to a more avant-garde electronic approach. The highlight has to be the haunting 9½ minute "Orgel Solo", which could've just as easily been on Tangerine Dream's groundbreaking Electronic Meditation album. In fact, much of this album has the feel of the Kraut underground, that of mixing avant electronic structures with rock sounds and energy. The primary instruments are flute and organ with plenty of hand percussion. Very psychedelic. The exception is the 13 minute insane version of "Love Potion 25", not exactly what one would call a cover tune of the old classic! Available on CD (pressed by the French label Spalax). The LP only exists as an original (Ohr) and is quite expensive.

Download here

some one posted this one in the comments
Kan Mikami-Bang!['74 Japan Strange Folk]
Reissue of Kan Mikami's album done with a backup of Yosuke Yamashita Trio.
In the 1970s, a few singer-songwriters began experimenting with new formats. The trend yielded albums such as Kan Mikami's Bang (1974), heavy on electronics and free-jazz

kan mikami was a member of the advantgarde rock/theatre group
Tokyo Kid Brothers


Download here


Blogger Drunk Santa said...

Re: Xhol. They actually started out as Soul Caravan releasing Get In High in 1967. After modifying their name to Xhol Caravan they released Electrip in 1969. This was posted on chocoreve.blogspot awhile ago, i don't know if it's still available there, but it's worth tracking down. After losing two members they became Xhol and released Hau-Ruk in 1970. They disbanded after this release leaving behind the quaintly titled Motherfuckers GMBH & Co KG in 1972 (hence the '2 years old' inked on the cover). All members then disappeared from the scene (as far a i know).

10:17 AM  
Blogger ragnarok said...

Wow, thanks for the links to the blogs.
FTB - is superb!

12:34 PM  
Blogger M47 said...

Thanks for you recommendation to my blog.
I love the cosmos factory albums you posted. Thanks for them.

5:18 PM  
Blogger rich said...

Many thanks for the Xhol album. Never had the chance to hear this one. I really like it, and another one off my krautrock wantlist now that 8 Days In April has come to a halt. I think I'll get the Spalax reissue pretty damn soon for this one.

12:54 AM  
Blogger YOJIMBO said...

same deal.. trying to get that kan

2:53 AM  

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