Friday, July 21, 2006

Kan Mikami Live x2[71 & 72 Japan Folk]

Highly Recommended!

Kan Mikami is great!
one of my fav. folk singers
i love his emotional and powerfull voice
he was also part of the avantgarde music group
Tokyo Kid Brothers
and i posted kan mikami's album Bang! here
wich is an excellent album

some info on this guy
You don't have to speak Japanese to love the music of Mikami Kan. The music is the single digit (read 1) trigger finger--the impetus to the Universal Fucking Blast. Mikami is a guitarist/songwriter, loosely described as folk or in his own words, Japanese blues. Now a fixture in the Tokyo underground, Kan has been around for over three decades pummeling us with his soft hammer. In addition to playing his solo material in Tokyo live houses regularly, Mikami is an actor and a writer. He also plays in an improvisational trio called Vajra with Haino Keiji and Ishizuka Toshi.

His first thought on arriving in Tokyo in 1968 was violence. Thus, with that universal emotion, a whole new species of blues was born. The Japanese blues... the Mikami mojo. A pristine silver thread of those universals run through all of Mikami's recordings. It's a thread composed of brutality and tenderness, angst, empathy and all that is ineffable and, as a result, crosses linguistic barriers. It's a graceful sonic melee sung through Mikami's singular rasp turned tender. It's also a body of work which is instantly recognizable as Mikami, yet the subtle variations between records sets each directly beneath its own beam of light. So far, each record has defined its own personality. Kan always goes back to the same well, but the dirty water he draws is a little different every time. Perhaps the most striking of Mikami's muses is his use of anger. It's a crisp and muddy flavor- an acquired taste, a powerful homegrown tonic of rustic wisdom and urban cynicism. There are frequently violent episodes in his music and lyrics, whether it is overt or understated.

But let it be known that his take on anger is not at all sensationalistic. It's purity incarnate. Part of the joy of experiencing Mikami is his incisive criticism and avoidance of fascile social and musical trend. And that's a big deal in Japan today, with its oft hasty acceptance of even the most trite whims of Western pop culture. In any case, over the past 3 decades, Mikami has managed to flood a juggernaut of a body of work at us; it rushes over us, swallows us in its austere white intensity, freezes our blood in vein, and stops us cold in our tracks. He is genuinely engaging, oddly spiritual, but most of all he captures the essence of the blues, translates it into his language, then releases the dam back in our direction.

read the rest here

71 Japan Folk Jamboree
7 excellent live tracks

Live 72 no idea were recorded
1o excellent live tracks

get it


Blogger polsapene said...

Really amazing, and those vocals are ferocious.

5:41 AM  
Anonymous manuel said...

My goodness!!! It's great!!! Thanks a lot!

8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please, we are peruvians, and fans of kan mikami, coul you repost this album? thanks a lot


5:38 AM  
Blogger david said...

any chance of reposting the 1972 tracks? (which are probably the album "Concert live 1972" [1972 URC, CD reisseu 1992 Chu]?

9:23 AM  
Anonymous site said...

To my mind everybody have to glance at this.

10:45 PM  

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