Saturday, June 24, 2006

Brast Burn-Debon['75? Japan Experimental Rock]

another one from the nurse with wound list
Highly Recommended

The best lost Krautrock album ever a japanese group
Friends of mine have always come up with some corking descriptions: 'Damo Suzuki on Crack' , 'James Brown in Space' and er...'Shaun Ryder's Dad'!
[acording to]

and i can agree to it,while Magical Power Mako(another good band) did it quite good,
they do it a bit better with these two lenghty 22 minute long
musical trips
it is believed that these band had connections/shared members with another group: Karuna Khyal
wich i sadly dont have listened to

a must listen
and must be played loud(or listen with headphones) to totally enjoy this musical trip

Quite an unbelievable find! This mysterious record has lain undiscovered since the mid seventies when (it is guessed) it was recorded by a group of unknown Japanese musicians and then released privately by Voice records. Rumours of the greatness of this psychedelic masterpiece have circulated for years (largely propagated by Nurse With Wounds famously obscure "list" on which Brast Burn feature) and it has finally seen re-release in a beautiful hand numbered CD issue of just 500. So, now that it's available what's it actually like? Well,... it's simply astonishing. Split into two long sequences, the music runs right up to the edge of sanity and screams wordlessly in the face of madness then jogs back to a lone hill top to lazily invent the form of psychedelic acid folk that Ghost have made an entire career from. There is utterly freaked out, acid-drenched genius at work on this record. Strains of Kraut rock run throughout, Can, and particularly Damo Suzuki's vocal style, are certainly valid comparisons, but this music really does seem to be running a race of its own, clouded in pot smoke, and headed in the wrong direction but glorious while doing it. Highly Recommended.

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Blogger Knight of Ni said...

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Blogger Mirco said...

One of the weirdest album I ever heard, those japanese freaks were crazy!

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good freak music! sugosugite hanamizugadeta......

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