Thursday, May 25, 2006

Far East Family Band-The Cave Down To Earth [1974 Japan Space Rock/Prog-Rock]

This is a legendary Japanese band, the first line-up included the known synthesizer player KITARO. The FAR EAST FAMILY BAND released a lot of records in the Seventies and Eighties, they sound quite unique (an Eastern sound) with echoes from PINK FLOYD.

The first album "The Cave Down To Earth" from ’74 is mostly recommended, it has a spacey and slight psychdelic sound (like early PINK FLOYD) and contains ethnic elements which gives the music an original twist. Another fine album is "Nipponjin" (’75) with a keyboard version of FAR OUT’s "Nihonjin" (FAR OUT was the precursor of FEFB). It’s in the vein of the debut-album, the climates ranges from bombastic to more mellow. The album "Parallel World" was produced by the famous electronic pioneer KLAUS SCHULZE.

1975 Klaus Schulze In Tokyo with FAR EAST FAMILY
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One more big THANKS!!!!!!

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S0me of the finest, mind-bogglingly beautiful music I’ve ever heard… tracks number 2 and 11 are sheer genius. The voices sound like they’re sung from the depths of some ethereal cave of transcendence, they wail and enthrall as though they’re some lonely Japanese creatures that time and fortune forgot… listen to “saying to the land” (track 4) and tell me if that isn’t one of the richest, most haunting baritones you’ve ever heard… like a cross between Jim Morrison and Tom Waits that’s doing New Age. ^^*

very Pink Floydish esp. with the huge echoing sound of the guitar. An intensely melodic, atmospheric album to savor and treasure on those trippy days when you just don’t know what’s going on and you’re too damned spaced-out and happy to really care…

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