Tuesday, July 24, 2007

See you all again Friday

tomorrow again a chemo cure,it will be nr. 7.
but personally i think they'll say i''ll get the cure next week
because i dont feel that good

Saturday, July 21, 2007

October Cherries-Dreamseller

1972 Singapore Psychedelic Pop
@320 kbits (Vinyl Rip?)

this one was requested some time ago
decent Beatelesque psych pop,this album is quite rare.
this is the only vinyl rip i could find,and one track is damaged
my fav. tracks are Dreamseller and Bad Trip.
overall a good addition to the collection of psych pop freaks.
the album was recorded in belgium.
and got released there by EMI Europe,Baal Records did the asian

some info:
NCREDIBLE Beatles-inspired pop psych masterpiece by the October Cherries, "Dreamseller" and subtitled "A Work of Magic by the October Cherries". Now it may take quite a bit of nerve and confidence to subtitle your album "a work of magic", but in this case, the Cherries knew what they were talking about. This MONUMENTAL album is indeed magical - a long-lost Malaysian Magical Mystery Tour that so few people have ever heard - and anyone who loves the tuneful orchestrated UK popsike sounds of bands like the Bee Gees, Idle Race, Beatles and all the Rubble comp bands will LOVE this album too. Granted, it didn't get released until 1972, long after their particular sound was way out of style in England, but in Signapore, they were superstars.
This LP is filled with really incredible Beatlish psych. Good tunes, playing, arranging, psychedelic bits. Just incredible

got get it!

Friday, July 20, 2007

V.A - Oz Days Live (Official Reissue)

1973 Japan Underground Rock
includes HQ Scans

This is something ive been waiting for ages on
a official and complete version of the Oz Days Live album
and this sounds soo much better than the incomplete bootleg from years ago
wich only had one half of the LP.
the full re-issue was released somewhere in june (11 june,if im correct) 2007

First ever full reissue of one of the most totemic/rarest of early Japanese underground releases, 1973’s double LP set Oz Days.
This edition features repro cover art, a fold-out insert and - for the first time ever - includes all of the music from the original release, with Les Rallizes Denudes’s side-long blaster and Taj Mahal Travellers’ tempestuous comedown drones further bolstered by tracks from Miyako Ochi, Acid Seven and Minami Masato.
An amazing snapshot of the formative years of the Japanese underground, fully restored at last. Edition of 300 copies - very limited supply! ~Volcanic Tongue

credits to
"polvere" for the rip & scans


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back From Vacation

So im back from a well deserved vacation.
the weather in the begining of the first week wasn't that good
but towards the weekend the weather was excellent (25 Celcius ect..)

we also hired a Tandem (wich wasn't Turquoise)
so i could ride a bicycle ,wich i had not done for a very long time.

and did lots of other things

tomorrow i'll post some music and next week wednesday ill have my seventh!
chemo cure ,and that there is only one left!

and then i realy don't want to see a hospital for a very long time!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Chemo Cure and then Going On Vacation

I Will Be On Vacation For Two Weeks after my chemo cure

Recently came from my 10 year old brother's school musical (around a hour ago)
not that he is leaving school allready,the school he goes to is a really (x2) small school
with around 35 kids,and the highest grade only has 2 kids in it,and both are leaving the school
so two other grades had to help.

later me & my lil' bro watched a little bit from a David Bowie dvd
after he asked what i was listening to,which was of course David Bowie (mostly he asks such kind of questions when he likes something) and personally i see it as my duty as his oldest brother to give him a somewhat good music taste (he allready likes Dungen & A Band Of Bees ect..)
and i couldn't find a good quality picture of a David Bowie live show,so i searched for my 30th Anniversary DVD Special Edition of the
Ziggy Stardust Motion Picture.

so tomorrow i will be getting my sixth chemo cure,which means that there are only two more left! (Whoo!) and Friday the rest of my family is going on vacation in a big vacation house which we rented
and Saturday when i am finished with the chemo cure,they will pick me up
and then i'll be on a two week vacation (without internet *sob* )

so see you soon again! ,and if there is any internet cafe near it,i might post some updates from there (but no music of course)

and the opening of the revalidation centre went good,the helicopter flight was really awesome.
(i would recommend it to you all!)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Jaguars-First Album

1968 Japan Group Sounds (@256 kbits)

the first album by group sounds band
The Jaguars,you might seen them on various compilations
with songs like Dancin' Baby & Dancing Lonely Night (wich both are great songs)
this album includes quite some bonus tracks
songtitles translated to english by Lizardson

They were one of most famous GS; many Japanese remember their debut song "Want You See Again(Kimi ni Aitai)".

They sung some moody hit songs and wrote cool punk ballads like "My Dawn"
On the other hand, they were compared to Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich.

Jaguars covered "Zabadak", "Legend of Xanadu".

This Japanese cover version of Xanadu was a #20 hit.
Actually, it was the flip side of another moody song.

The lead singer Sin Okamoto attracted teen girls with his good looks and singing with whip like Dave Dee.

Also they covered the fab "Tobacco Road" which is on the "Big Lizard Stomp" compilation, which was a psychedelic version, much like the Blues Magoos, "Blue Feeling" (Slitherama), "See See Rider" (Banzai Freak Beat).

They appeared in their own movie "Jaguars Tekizen Jyouriku" in '68, a cool comedy which was influenced by the Beatles' "Help!".
But soon after, the leader/drummer Miya quit the band due to a conflict with the other members. He wrote their early original "Beat Train".
He formed a new group called New Jaguars and released a few singles, but they weren't successful.


sorry for the link of part1(sharebee stopped uploading,when it was not finished)

Monday, July 02, 2007


Tomorrow is there is a dutch special
at the excellent Toffee Sunday Smash Podcast
(you dont need a ipod to listen,just Itunes or Quicktime )
and why in heavens sake are you spamming this podcast?
because i made the playlist ,provided the music
& wrote some information for it.

and wednesday i will be opening the revalidation centre in my city
wich recently was finished,i will arive there by Helicopter!
after im finished with all my chemo cures,i will start learning to walk there again
with a protese.

Thursday the 5th i will have a chemo cure,and when that is finished i
will be on vacation for two weeks

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sharp Five-Haru No Umi

1968 Japan Eleki/Surf/Instrumental Rock

this is the 11th LP by (Munetaka Inoue &) the Sharp Five

you might think Eleki?,what's that in heaven's sake!
dont you just mean frickin' GS?
The term Eleki is applied to the first japanese big band boom
and is short for Electric (as in electric guitars)
wich started when The Ventures first visited in japan in May 1962
wich was the first of many to come
And by the time they visited japan aqain on January 65
lots of instrumental rock bands allready had been started
In 1965 760,000 guitars were made in Japan, a record that has yet to be broken.
some well known names are Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunny's,The Blue Comets,The Launchers ect..

more info here

some more info about the album:

Hara No Umi (which both opens and closes the album) is jaw-dropping--it starts as mellow traditional Japanese music an then builds to an all-out Eleki stomper.

Vicious guitar licks, surf induced wah-wah and fuzz distorted interceptions, all pored over with an oriental sonic garage back base. This really rocks and stings like a bat out of hell. A vicious party slammer, psyched up, fuzzed-out and fuelled up ready to leave burning tire tracks all over your sorry ass. This disc is not yet been detected by the larger psychedelic collecting crowd, so it comes quite cheap. We speak of 1968 here, real stunning album and quite rare these days. Highest recommendation

go get it!