Sunday, September 02, 2007

Goodbye sweat child

Dearest Dirk

Half a year ago you said goodbye to one of your legs
Your best leg that took so many steps for you
That good leg was allowed to go before you and
Because of its offer for you that leg was/is a Very Very special leg
Now it appears that also the rest of you, so you, the whole Dirk Sietse
Must be a Very Very special child
That you may go to Eternity before your mom and dad
You are going to be reunited with your leg and therefore be complete again
But just like your leg, You are not ‘gone’
You just left behind the mater, sacrificed your body
Mater is Emptiness, Spirit that is Fullness!

In a while, when you get used to being in Heaven and completely cured
You will be able to look back over the past year
Notwithstanding everything undoubtedly your best year ever:
What 18/19 year old can say that he, like you
Pulled through night after night with his mom
Got his school diploma without going to school for even one day
Has friends throughout the whole world posting on your blog
Has a relationship with younger brothers and sister like no adolescent ever has
And always close to you: you big friend and faithful dad
A spectacular room, especially built for you
You’ve been flying in a helicopter and you just came back from a great vacation
With freedom blowing around your ears, on the back of the tandem
Without the deep valleys of pain and nausea and sorrow
One doesn’t value Beauty, Love and Happiness
So you’re checking out at the peek of your earthy existence!

Your mom and dad will go on in your spirit
Together with your sister and little brothers
And you are going to be their guardian angel
Just like how you were able to wiggle your amputated toes
They will be able to feel you around every single day
And talk to you, as much as they want because you will be there always
From Heaven you will be posting on your new blog
Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll is closing
You will start: Heaven to Earth With Angel Dirk
Life on earth here will never be the way it was
But No one can take away what you brought and gave to us

Goodbye sweat Dirk!