Saturday, September 23, 2006

e noot from Dirk"from the hospital"writhen by his dad

Dear music freaks

Thanks for the cards you send me,

and for al the nice comments you al wrote down.

My parents where kind enough to print them,
so i could read them whe they visit me in the hospital.

Thank you so mutch


Sunday, September 17, 2006

news from Dirk

Hello we are dirk parents , and we want you to tell that he is laying again in the hospital, Friday dirk went there to have taken a piece out off his tumor but when they cut him open a lot off blood new and old came out off his legg about 1 and a half liter, then they cleant out his legg and also removed the dead meat and the musclest that where dead, then they opent de muscle and it begon tho bleed very heavy, so they closed the wound and they hoped the bleeding would stop.. but Sunday he lost a lot off blood, and they had to operate him again. Tomorrow they are going to operate him agian because the wound is still bleding, we hope he gets well very soon, about 10 days whe know iff the tumor is bad ore good so pleace pray for him. his adress is now

it would be very nice iff you send me a postcard, the adress is
Dirk Sietse Gjaltema
Henri Dunant weg 2
8934AD leeuwarden (the Netherlands)
afdeling L ROOM 14

Sunday, September 10, 2006

a update

it where my parents who wrote the previous post because i was in the hospital

but now something by myself

it was Friday i was in the hospital and
it was a normal day(resting/sleeping,getting medicines,watching tv and listening radio)
they did a MRI Scan on my leg
wich was quite unpleasant for me because i cant stretch my leg
so i had to lay on my side for 20/30 minutes

later that day i heard the results

they found a tumor
but they don't know yet if its a good one or a bad one

Thursday they told me that i was going to get a operation on Monday
but they cancelled that when they discovered the tumor

they said i could go to home
and gave me a recept(to get medicines at the Pharmacy)
for some heavier pain killers

this Tuesday i need to go back to the hospital
to discus what to do next and getting a new operation day

but now some music
the album i promised

Surprieze-Zeer Oude Klanken En Heel Nieuwe Geluiden

[73 Dutch Experimental Psych-Rock]

a awesome obscure album
contains the song Lazarus wich also was on the dutch psychedelic
underground compilation,but this version is 19 minutes

the band leader threw all remaining copy's in the north sea
because the album didnt sell good

read about that here

One of the most obscure Dutch albums is without a doubt the LP by Surprieze, titled: Zeer oude klanken en heel nieuwe geluiden (Very old sounds and completely new sounds), performed and arranged by Ed van der Meer de Walcheren. Eddie in 1995: “In september 1966, I started up the band Slack Gang in Breda. We played blues, inspirated by John Lee Hooker, Howling Wolf, Sonny Boy Wiiliamson etc. Little by little we changed into a kind of cult-band, playing music which we called ‘freeblues’, long tracks, influenced by bands like Capt.Beefheart. In 1967 we performed in The Hague at the Holland Blues Festivbal in the famous club ‘De Drie Stoepen’, where we played together with acts like Indiscrimination and the Leo Unger Band.
During those days there was something going on in Breda, under the influence of the Academy of Art and the semi-anarchal Theatre ‘De Trapkes’ where mostly jazz and freeform Theatre was performed. This was the place wheer we held our Provadya-evenings with Slack Gang. The music of that band grew more into the pop-direction and I left the band. I continued playing blues and doing some solo-performances. The LP Surprieze dates from that time (1973). It contains a.o. Turkish music blues, free-jazz and electronic sounds”.

more information

go get it!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

dear music friends

dear music friends i wont be posting new music for at least two weeks because i am in the hospital , i need a operation for my legg , becauce it is very bad with my legg a car hit me, and hurt my legg very badly, it would be very nice iff you send me a postcard, the adress is
Dirk Sietse Gjaltema
Henri Dunant weg 2
8934AD leeuwarden (the Netherlands)
afdeling B kamer 3
my telefoon number there is
058 7999495
iff you deal from abrout firts deal the country number from the netherlands
i hope that i will be abel to post very soon

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Surprieze-Zeer Oude Klanken En Heel Nieuwe Geluiden

Highly Recommended!

[73 Dutch Experimental Psych-Rock]

coming tomorrow

review here

Surprieze-Zeer Oude Klanken En Heel Nieuwe Geluiden

Highly Recommended!

[73 Dutch Experimental Psych-Rock]

coming tomorrow

review here

Monday, September 04, 2006

A new blog + Jun Kamikubo

no music today,but some c

tomorrow a obscure japanese psychedelic rock album
wich is mentioned in one of the record collector dreams books

promoting new blogs is good (like i got lots of visitors because ezevika posted about my blog on her's long time ago)

the main reason for promoting his blog because he posted a awesome obscure japanese
rock album

Jun Kamikubo-Nothingness[1972]

wich is a awesome obscure hard rocking blues rock album in the vein of Blues Creation

he posted this information:

Completely unknown and amazing album, only released in Japan as a very small pressing, really screaming fuzzguitar and great vocals. One of the best Japanese underground albums of all times. Reissued on LP in a strictly limited edition (350 copies).This is a Heavy Beast

and i'll ad this (taken from here)

It's a pretty good album of bluesy acid rock with
good guitar playing, with a few tracks featuring great heavy riffing. The album
has been reissued on LP by Shadoks, and more recently on CD by Toshiba-EMI.

the toshiba emi cd is titled San Francisco No Kiseki
and can be ordered from cduniverse


Sunday, September 03, 2006

NV Groep 65-Dank Zij De Heer [65-66 Dutch Psychedelic Beat]

a good somewhat proto psych beat band
their guitarist later went to the outsiders

this compilation is quite hard to get
at least you wont find it on slsk

one song is in dutch(Tanger)
and is about loving weed and getting weed in Tanger
wich is in morocco

you might know them from the dutch psychedelic underground compilation i posted

some information
Grey Past Records presents the complete 1965-1966 Bovema recordings of Dutch psychedelic/beat legends NV Groep ´65. A very drug-injected psych beat combo from Amsterdam, who´s leadsinger was ´doped´ Jesus, cause he was walking the streets of Amsterdam down in a robe bare footed on sandals. They released only 2 very sought-after singles, ´Dank Zij De Heer´ and ´Pipe And You Like It´ . This 10" has all 4 tracks of these singles, 2 demo version of ´Lost´ and ´Dank Zij De Heer´ + 2 unreleased tracks from 1965."

go get it!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Taj-Mahal Travelers-July 15 , 1972['Japan Free Improvisation]

Highly Recommended!
first album by this avantgarde free improvisation group
enjoy your trip!

this band is great
people who like this should get Group Ongaku from here
has one of the founding members of this band in it
that was recorded around 60-61

July 1972 is the Taj mahal Travellers their legendary debut album, here miscredited as 'Travelers' - this album is the result of a live in studio recording, the group's instrumentation consists of electronically-treated acoustic instruments, oscillators and sheet metal (suntool), and heavily relies on time-delay effects to create psychedelic, expansive dronest. Taj Mahal Travellers played lengthy improvised jams in a far-eastern approach to music as a living organism, an intense electronic processing of instruments and voices; they improvised all over the world (India, Iran, UK, Sweden), on deserted shores, small galeries, coffee bars, lonely hills (almost wherever power supply was available) and the result was this incredible album of cosmic bliss. The sound is floating like coming from distant loudspeakers, coloured back and forth from hand made electronic devices and delayed throug echo machines. Bass, harmonica, trumpet, synthesizer, oriental percussions are added. There are no interractions between the musicians, each one is having his own inner discussion with the instrument, however the result of merging them all together is a pulsating feedback

go get it

Friday, September 01, 2006

Phew-Phew[81 Japan/Germany]

Highly Recommended!
This is a somewhat strange album
Phew was previously in the japanese No Wave band
Aunt Sally(around 78 and 79)
but this is no no wave (lol)

she recorded this album in germany with
some members of Can(Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit)
and produced by Conny Plank

the music is a bit minimalistic and there are some electronics
musicaly its difficult to describe

personally i dont have any stuff by Can.

this is the Pass / Sky Station release from 2001
not the P-Vine re-release from 2005,wich ads some bonus tracks.

here some information:

Phew was a Japenese chick who was flown to Germany in 1981 and put together with Can's Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit and genius producer Conny Plank. Clearly an attempt to reconstruct the original Can dynamic, with Phew as Damo. They made one record together on the PASS label which was, very early on (1991?) reissued to synch up with the release of a newer Phew record on Mute. That more recent LP was only OK. I have also seen a greyish black covered mid-period Phew record. Her eponymous debut, which I paid £4 for because the cover was mashed up (like I care!), is fucking fantastic. The production sound of this record is perfect. Like a Brancusi or a Ming Vase, it's perfect. Clean. Deep. Resonant. Tracks like Doze and Signal are often built on nothing more than a wobbling bass and cavernous chiming percussion. Phew herself is compelling.

go go get it!