Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ro-D-Ys -The Complete Collection

1967/1968 Dutch Rock

excellent dutch rock

sadly enough the mixed up the album tracks
so you don't listen to it chronologically
but the the tracklists for both albums can be found at:
Just Fancy
Earnest Vocation
their second album is more psychedelic and its a
concept album produced by
Hans van Hemert who also
worked with Group 1850! and Q65

here's a amazon user review

The Ro-d-ys were from the northern part of The Netherlands and were formed somewhere around 1965. The name Ro-d-ys was chosen after they heard there already was a band called The Rowdies.
There very first single, released in 1966 flopped saleswise but got a lot of airplay. Their lucky break came with the follow up single "Take Her Home" in 1967. The succes continued with their best known single "Just Fancy" which was a hit late summer/early autumn 1967. In 1968 more quality singles were met with increasing lack of succes and after one more failed attempt with the beautiful and haunting single "Winter Woman" early 1969 the group called it quits. They released two albums, "Just Fancy"in 1967 and "Earnest Vocation" in 1968.
If you like sixties rock with influences from The Beatles, The Kinks & The Yardbirds then this is it. This set is also perfect if you are a completist! All of The Ro-d-ys' singles, A- as well as B-sides and album tracks are collected on these two discs.
The bonus tracks are from the post Ro-d-ys era when the group after a lean period hitwise fused with a Dutch group called Zen who had a similar style and also had gone through some hard times.

part 1
upload credits to :Opa-Loka from Lost In Tyme


Earnest Vocation
Just Fancy
Bonus Tracks

Monday, January 29, 2007

Barış Manço-Dünden Bugüne[71 Turkish Psych Folk Rock]

Also known as Daglar Daglar

This compilation LP was released by Sayan after
Baris Manco left the company in 1971, all the song's were recorded between 1968 and 1971, there is a previously unreleased song (Lory) and an alternate take of another song (Kagizman). This LP is no Longer available.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007


I couldn't post for a long time because i got very sick after my fifth chemo session.
My temperature was somewhere around 39 degrees Celsius so i needed to get to the hospital
and get antibiotics and bags of blood(5 bags) and 2 bags of thrombocytes.

My Bone Marrow still isn't producing blood at the normal tempo.
so they are to afraid to give me the last chemo session(which would start Tuesday)
because it might be a big attack on me.

and their rescheduling lots of stuff like medical examinations to check if there are metastasis.

and the amputation will be somewhere between 12 and 17 feb.

i got back home yesterday.

wednesday is my 19th birthday

so if you want to send cards or presents,it can be send to:

D H v Reenenstraat nr. 23
9103 ND Dokkum
The Netherlands

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Flower Travelin' Band-Make Up 2CD['72 Japan Progresive Hard Rock]

i posted the 1 cd version somewhere in 2006
but i found this newer 2cd version sometime ago.
and it is @192 kbits.

'Make Up' [Atlantic, 1973] was a double LP,
and had Yuya Uchida
guesting on vocals.
The album featured studio and live material,
including a
20-minute version of 'Hiroshima'
from the previous album [with bass solo] and a
live-in-studio version of 'Satori Part 2'.
Of the studio material,some is in a
heavy progressive vein [though leaning more towards an
oriental King Crimson in parts then their older style]

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Monday, January 15, 2007


i got back from the hospital 2 days ago,i had finished my fifth chemo session.
most of the time it went well while having the chemo,except that i felt a bit a bit sick sometimes
but a accident happened and that really sucked!

it happened on the third day :
it was time to get my first chemo of that day(a strange looking' orange one)
and that one needs to get finished in lets say 5 minutest(otherwise you'll get
burn injuries)
but for some reason the drip infusion didn't want to do it fast,but when it was almost finished
i felt pain in my (left) hand and it was red and didn't look good.
so they had to remove the drip infusion and give me a new one in the other hand.
they did all kinds of stuff
to prevent that it got worse:icepacks and some kind of liquid ect...

but now everthing seems to be fine with my left hand.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Shin Joong Hyun & The Men -Selftitled[72-73? Korean Psychedelic Rock]

also known as It's A Lie
just got this excellent rip(254 kbits vbr) by snail mail today

includes high quality artwork

some information:
It's difficult to unravel the deep historical mystery of these recordings although the date appears to be 1972 on the booklet. Having said that there is no great mystery about the greatness of the three long tracks on this disc! Minimal moody vocals don't interfere in the slightest with the incredible fuzz and wah-wah guitar solos, the groovy weird keyboards the monster drum solos or the oboe (!) Truly psychedelic songs with all the strangeness that non-Anglo approach to trippy music seems to engender with touches of Doors and early Hawkwind, if you need non-Asian reference points. 3 very long tracks (15 minutes + each) of tripped out jamming. (FE)

'My Job is to Make Rock Music in Korean Style'. Guitarist Shin Jung Hyun is considered the father of Korean rock music, his career beginning in the mid-50's playing at post-war US Army bases. During the late sixties and early seventies his garage bands Donkeys and Questions composed hit singles and provided backing for the popular female vocalists of the time, such as Kim Jung-Mi and the Pearl Sisters. But it is the 1972-1973 recordings with his psychedelic group The Men that gets the blood flowing of international rock music explorers. Due to commercial demands of the record labels, the original LP's were configured as a side of shorter, poppier tracks with guest singers, while the flip was where the band was allowed to 'stretch out'. World Psychedelia has selected three of the best of these longer excursions -- 'Beautiful Country', 'It's A Lie' and 'A Woman In The Mist' -- forty-four minutes of oil-emulsion-slide acid rock with fluid guitar, organ textures and an occasional ethnic woodwind to gently remind the listener that the origin is SK not SF.

and some information from

Shin Jung Hyun was the undisputed master of Korean rock for a 20-year stretch that began in the late-'50s and lasted until the mid-'70s. He began performing professionally as early as 1955, and in 1962 he founded the group Add 4, who would be the very first Korean rock and roll band. Hyun was a tireless performer with a fascinating artistic evolution. As an enormously gifted and innovative guitar player with the capacity to be boldly experimental, he was able to easily master and mix together garage rock, surf rock, folk, pop, Korean traditional song and even psychedelia as the decade progressed into the '70s. He released scads of albums under varying configurations and was the backing band and musical director for countless Korean female pop sensations.

The record at hand was recorded with his group The Men and probably dates from around 1973. It's comprised of three wonderfully long psychedelic rock jams, and on every single song his rhythm section provides a chugging forward beat (imagine a Korean Neu! perhaps) over which Hyun and his cohorts play astonishingly inventive solos. The band will periodically drop out and Hyun will then chime in with his lovely sing/whispering and somehow turn a 20-minute extended jam into a pop tune.

In 1975 Park Jung-Hee, the president of South Korea's then military regime, demanded that Shin Jung Hyun record a song in praise of the South Korean residential palace; he refused and recorded a song lauding the beauty of Korea's rivers and mountains instead. He was promptly arrested on trumped up charges of marijuana use and was banned from playing or recording until the mid-'80s at which point he only had a few more years left to live


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