Saturday, March 31, 2007

VA-Japanese 60's Soundtracks

got this one sometime ago from Jelbogen(Jason Elbogen) of WFMU

its quite a decent diy comp with music from mid 60's movies from japan

have fun

go get it!(fixed link,again........)

looks like The Deleter was bussy and reported this file.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Carnabeats-First Album

1968 Japanese Group Sounds

you might know 'em from various GS Compilations
but here is a album full of music by them,has excellent originals and cover versions(most of them in japanese except one)

The 60s garage/psych fan’s never-ending quest to uncover new and increasingly unusual musical artifacts, no corner of the globe has gone unscathed.
We’ve scoured the earth for records we didn’t even know existed, dug through tapes looking for unreleased anything, and traveled to foreign lands searching for rare indigenous pop sounds.
To date, one of the most eclectic and satisfying of musical finds has been the amazing Japanese 60s pop scene, nicknamed “Group Sounds” or G.S. for short.
Although it took years to get notice in the West, for Japanese teens, it was impossible not to get swept up in probably the most significant pop music revolution Japan has ever experienced. Among the leading G.S. groups was the Carnabeats, who formed in 1967 and released this album in 1968.
It’s really a great collection, containing some excellent and hard-hitting pop songs in Japanese, English, and sometimes a combination of the two.
Many of the songs on this album are absolutely frantic, with screamed vocals, violently aggressive fuzztone guitar, and breakneck drums.
As with most other Japanese 60s bands, the Carnabeats were a dangerous blend of the instrumental ferocity of the Ventures and the melodic pop sensibilities of the Beatles. Particularly excellent examples of this synergy include “Okay,” “Chu! Chu! Chu!,” and “Koi Wo Shiyoyo Jenny,” which was a big hit for the group.
Another of the better songs, “Sandy” boasts possibly the most aggressive fuzztone riff to emerge from the 60s.
In addition to strong original compositions, many fine covers are included, such as their Japanese language versions of the Great Scots’ “Give Me Lovin’,” and the Zombies “I Love You.” Their cover of the Animals’ “When I Was Young” is so menacing and disturbing that it might have made Eric Burdon think a little more positively of his own childhood, had he got wind of it back in 1968.

go get it!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is So Far Out Its Straight Down

early 1967 tv documentary about the hip psychedelic london underground movement

runningtime:29:40 minutes
go go get it!

The Return.......

Thursday i came last.
the hospital room where i was laying was boring...
the other people where 3 very old persons,who werent very talkative

so im very happy to be home again........

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Late Update.........

Tuesday I'll be having my second chemo cure
ill be back home Thursday morning

For the first time in more than six months i went shopping for new clothes
which was great!

but when i was searching for some t-shirts,i saw this t-shirt
(it had a different colour and different camel drawing on it)
and thought how sick can a persons mind be!
to think about making this.
don't they know how horrible cancer is!

i also mentioned this to some one who worked there,she also found it a horrible shirt
(some one she knew also had cancer) and always hid it somewhere in the rack where it was hard to find.
they should ban such t-shirts and lock up the person who made it!

i bought a Pink Floyd t-shirt,Che' Guevara t-shirt,The Clash sweater and two pair of baggy pants



Friday, March 16, 2007

Bi Kyo Ran-Parallax

1983 Japanese Progresive Rock

Second album bu Japanese Prog Rock band Bi Kyo Ran
Highly recommended for people who like King Crimson
personally i only heard KC's first album,but i have more albums of Bi Kyo Ran
so give a shout if you'll want more!
this album contains some excellent guitar work

BI KYO RAN is one of the most important Japanese Progressive Rock bands. Forming in the '70s, the legendary BI KYO RAN played with the bristling energy, intensity and aggression of KING CRIMSON mainly on the "Red" era, then alternately delicate and pastoral, with ample use of mellotron. The guitar sounds like a Fripp clone, although sometimes it gains a bit in originality. Despite the obvious cloning, the music is very well executed, and to complete the picture, a violinist is also featured. They are still active and most recently released "Anthology Vol. 1", a re-recording and updating of their earliest and best tunes. It features guitarist and leader Kunio Suma and drummer Masaharu Sato. Dynamic and impressive. review:
mostly instrumental work combining a strong allusion to the work of KING CRIMSON with an edge of "Head Music". Bi Kyo Ran are a 3 member ensemble with a love for deeply involved Progressive Rock. Of immediate note is the succulent guitar playing of Kunio Suma who could easily belong to Robert Fripp's "League Of Crafty Guitarists". "Parallax" is essentially comprised of 3 tracks, one of which clocks in at around 21 minutes and is the centre piece of the album "Suite Ran". One of the great aspects to this album for me is their genius use of varied instrumentation. At select moments one recognizes deep cello, warm violins, punchy trumpet and even some lovely mellotron. This is highly detailed and expressive music which caters to those who love highly involved and deeply inventive music.

go get it!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Rare Video Footage of Yuya Uchida & The Flowers

this video is from the movie Ah Himeyuri-no-tou
they play the song Sohshiju,wich isnt on any release if im correct

& a update on myself
everything is going very good,im feeling excellent
but the phantom pain is really painfull sometimes.....
didnt have any fever is i had with my heavy chemo theraphy cures

go go get it

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nederbeat Video Special!

This package includes the videos:
no shitty youtube rips!

The Zipps-Kicks & Chicks(1966)
The Motions- Wasted Words(1965)
The Outsiders-Cup Of Hot Coffee(1968)
The Outsiders-Lying All The Time(1966)
The Outsiders-Thinking About Today(1966)
The Dukes-Friday On My Mind(19??)
R-O-D-YS-Take Her Home(1967)

tomorrow a japanese Group Sounds Video special!

go go get it!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Shuji Inaba-The Rapture of Being Destroyed

2004 Japanese Outsider Folk

This is one for the people who like Kan Mikami and Kazuki Tomokawa
but this guy seems to be less known

Shuji Inaba is a Japanese avant-folk singer and guitarist who hasn't reached the same level of documentation as peers like Kan Mikami and Kazuki Tomokawa. No 13 CD box set for Shuji yet! And some might find the prospect of such a box set quite frightening -- a single disc of his raw acoustic guitar playing and whisper-scream vocalizations will be more than enough for a lot of folks. Others will find Inaba's Rapture Of Being Destroyed to be a harrowing yet compelling listen. With some tracks filled with stark outbursts from silence and others more 'song' like, this is a great record recommended for those who already dig the likes of Dead Raven Choir and the aforementioned Kan Mikami. This Last Visible Dog cd release comes with Inaba's poetic lyrics translated into English by Alan Cummings." -- Aquarius. Shuji has appeared on PSF records and has two releases on Planktone records. Similar to Kan Mikami and Kazuki Tomokawa. This CD includes a lyric sheet with translations by Alan Cummings.

"Before a small audience in the Five Pennies club in Tottori, west Japan, Shuji Inaba performs his first song, "To A Corpse", in a whisper verging on the inaudible. It's something like a shamanic prayer to wreathe his listeners in trance. An explosion of raw acoustic guitar heralds the onset of next, called "Modern Terrorism". The shaman offers his audience a journey: "Let's fly together to the dark side of the moon / A gaudy name for our epitaph." Inaba's delivery is dramatic in the extreme, as he gulps and gasps, his voice overwhelmed in emotion. The antithesis of a cool, know-it-all singer-songwriter, his Japanese antecedents would include the stylised chanting of medieval epics over the violently struck biwa lute, or the lectern-thumping passion of the Gidayu narrator in Bunraku puppet plays.
By his third song, Inaba is prepared to settle down into a recognisable song form, with metre and verses. This is a lament for the destruction of Hiroshima, a political ballad with clear kinship to the tragic Enka love songs beloved of Japanese karaoke bars. After this relatively restrained interlude, he follows his Hiroshima theme into "Uranium 235", a terrifying raw vision of people running amok to escape the return of the Enola Gay atom bomb. Thrashing his guitar, his vocal reduced on occasion to panic-stricken gibbering, Inaba is determined to put his listeners right through the experience.
Inaba comes fro Shimane, near Hiroshima, and lines up with Kan Mikami and Keiji Haino as a performer prowling the very edges of what is possible given a voice, a guitar and an audience. This is a verité recording of a club show, complete with long gabs between songs. The lyrics are provided in an English translation by Alan Cummings. The most effective track may be the exhausted ballad that follows in the wake of the harrowing "Uranium 235". "Let's play, let's be played with" -- Inaba is grappling with the dark side, maybe not of the moon, but of cute Japan."

Go Download It!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Strawberry Path-When The Raven Has Come To The Earth

1971 Japanese Heavy Psych
Includes HQ Scans
An excellent album this time
this band was the forerunner of one of japan's most influential prog rock bands in the 70's:
Flied Egg
sounds like a mix of jimi hendrix with some other classic hard rock bands.
the vocalist of this band(George Yanagi) did the vocals on the Shinki Chen & Friends album

but now some information from the www

Strawberry Path - these guys made only one album that I'm aware of, '
When the Raven Has Come To The Earth' [Philips, 1971].
It's a great slab of bluesy heavy psychedelic rock in a slight early progressive vein.
Some of it sounds a bit like funky Hendrix as filtered through New Zealand's Human Instinct. Drummer Hiro Tsunoda was previously in The Jacks and Foodbrain, and went on to Flied Egg
and Sadistic Mika Band [see above].
The album has been reissued on CD by
There's also a CD of demo recordings, 'Smokin' Drug, Demo & Hotcake'
[Ain't Group Sounds], which I haven't heard.

go go get it!
go get it (mirror)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Back Home!

Thursday i got home again
from my short chemo therapy session

every things going good now,it wasn't as heavy as the previous ones!

Monday i need to get back to the hospital,because they are going to get the stitches from my stump

this month my blog has its 1 year anniversary