Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Jacks-Vacant World @320 kbits

Partial Repost

1968 Japan Psychedelic? Rock

A Classic japanese album
requested by a slsk friend of me,who had heard the song Marriane
covered by a japanese punk band,and wanted to know how the original song sounded.
and was interested in more.

a excellent review from kaikaku
can be read here

go get it!

ps:go get the B-Side for their Vacant World single here

check out this great Podcast dedicated to British Psychedelia
Sunday Toffee Smash

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fairy Tale-Once Upon A Time

1969 Rare Dutch Psychedelic/Prog Rock

not to be confused with the british 60's band The Fairy Tale
who were on some compilations(Decca Psychedelic Scene ect..)

not much info on this band
but this is all i could find

FAIRY TALE - Once Upon a Time LP on the Blossom label, 17001, from 1969. Super rare original Dutch pressing of a Dutch psych album.

this band rose from the ashes of nederbeat band The Nicols .
Fairy Tale released one album in 1969 and two singles (in 1970 &1971)
those singles were not on the album
and as far as i know this album has not been reissued

go get it(265 kbits)

History Repeats It Self...........

just like the previous time my blood levels where to low
so they couldnt give me chemo cure

so now i'll have my chemo cure next week

Monday, May 28, 2007

Gone For Some Days (Again)

tomorrow i have my Fifth chemo cure

so after that 3 more left

will be back Thursday

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tenjo Sajiki-Throw Away The Books,Let's Go Into The Streets

1970 RARE Japan Avant-garde Theatre Rock

today we present you the very RARE original theatre
version of Throw Away The Books,Let's Go In To The Streets
wich later was re-recorded for the movie version
by the Tokyo Kid Brothers

i would like to thank some one at wfmu
for hooking me up with this

Thank You!

some information from Forced Exposure:

"Typical of the company's early, crazed style is the recently reissued Throw Away The Books, originally released on their own label in 1970. Confusingly, there is a film soundtrack of the same title, but this is the extremely rare original theatrical version and contains entirely different material. Subtitled 'a high-teen symphony', the performance centers around untrained adolescents reading out their own tortured, angry (and in one case, stuttering) texts and poems. Their stories of family disintegration and mother-hate, dreams and hopes for the future, and love songs to teen murderer Norio Nagayama and Mick Jagger are set to an attractively rough and ready pounding psych-rock soundtrack largely composed by organist Kuni Kawachi. Kawachi had been a member of pioneering Prog group Happenings Four and his brooding organ riffs feature throughout. As well as heavy rockers like the great opening 'Lets Go Ornette', with its ripping fuzz lead, Orff-style choral chants and motorbike effects, Kawachi was also capable of delicate, folkish pieces ideally suited for some of the company's outstanding female vocalists, several of whom developed successful singing careers outside of Tenjo Sajiki. Also of note is a track composed by a young design school dropout, Shinjuku street hippy and winner of a nationwide longhair competition, by the unlikely name of JA Caesar (Tenjo Sajiki also had its own Sinatra and Salvador Dali). Set to a simple handclap rhythm, Caesar's tale of the panhandling life possessed a subtle melodic strength and depth that hinted at the minor keys of traditional folk song. Caesar soon came into his own, composing all the music for Terayama's performances and films for the next decade, and finally inheriting the remnants of the troupe after Terayama's death in 1983." - Alan Cummings, The Wire.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Taj Mahal Travelers-August 1974


1974 Japan Free Improvisation/Drone/Avant-garde

some one wanted to sea this re-uploaded
and i just uploaded it for some one on a forum some days ago
and it would be horrible to let this poor link die a slow death

August 1974 is surely one of the most hallowed and whispered about documents of the avant-garde artifact-era (a set of these on original LP would set you back $1000+ even 10-15 years ago & have very rarely been offered anywhere). The sound is floating like coming from distant loudspeakers, coloured back and forth from hand made electronic devices and delayed throug echo machines. Bass, harmonica, trumpet,
synthesizer, oriental percussions are added. There are no interractions between the musicians, each one is having his own inner discussion with the instrument, however the result of merging them all together is a pulsating feedback of complex sound waves. Music drifts slowly like autumn sunsets or a peacefull lovemaking offer. Zen-like approach to ethnic japanese music and gets into an intergalactic mind trip. Full of cosmic electronics, kosugi's violin effects, tibetan chanting, ethnic drones, oscillators the band displays one track of eerie haunting galaxial music full of quiet tension

"Places and times of the trip: coffee houses, small galleries of Tokyo. They perform also on lonely beaches at dawn or on deserted hills in the afternoon. Also in Sweden, India, Iran, and England. Wherever a power supply is available. 'This music is not rehearsed, it happens. Without written notes or oral instructions; without an ensemble leader, each one having his own discourse immediately integrated into a slow, irregular throbbing of complex sound waves. Sound waves surfing.' Verfremdung: instruments are amplified with delay through echo machines. Previously produced sounds delivered by distant loudspeakers have already become something beyond reach when heard. This feedback - actually a time-space lag - is the basis of their music. The instrument arsenal: a violin played with glissandi in the same manner as the Indian sitar, string bass, guitar, drums, harmonica, small synthesizers, santurs (Iranian dulcimer played with two spoon-shaped mallets), a shahnal (Indian oboe), voices (Japanese Buddhist chanting, harmonic singing such as La Monte Young does or as heard in Stockhausen's 'Stimmung'). Amplifiers: a heterodyne (voltage controlled filters connected to infrasonic wave sources) which changes tone colors back and forth very slowly. Also, other rather primitive hand-made electronic devices. All these contribute to the everchanging diversity of the ensemble. Close your eyes, relax and musically receive passing clouds, breezes, surging waves. This music is slow as a Japanese tea ceremony and as peacefully full of cheer as ancient scroll paintings."

Yuji Takahashi , from the original insert

go get it!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fikret Kizilok- Fikret Kizilok

70's Turkish Rock

a lesser know turkish artist
this was released not so long ago by World Psychedelica
who also brought us gems like the Kim Jung Mi,3 Hur-el and Erkin Koray
this time its a compilation,a somewhat a best of

You won't find this guy in the rock and roll history books, but man he's got a really great sound -- one that mixes Turkish folk with trippier touches from the early 70s -- often in a driving, rhythmic mode that comes across strongly despite any language barriers! Heavy percussion is often used underneath the guitar on the tracks -- creating a forward-moving, nicely grooving quality that echoes with "eastern" styled notes -- in a sound that's a bit other-worldly, especially when Fikret comes in with the lyrics! This CD brings together a variety of his best recordings from the early 70s, with notes in English that are a bit scattered, but kind of help put the odd music into context -- and the package features 15 titles that include "Yagmur Olsam", "Soyle Sazyim", "Gun Ola Devran Done", "Leylim Leylim", "Anadoluyum", "Yumma Gozun Kor Gibi", and "Haberin Var Mi".
-Disty Groove America

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Monday, May 21, 2007


1969 Dutch Blues/Garage/Psychedelic Rock

Reissue of perhaps the most psychedelic album by the Dutch band Q65, released in 1969 after they temporarily broke up in 1967. It's made up of singles and the last material recorded by the band. At times Revival sounds like Group 1850, as on "Voluntary Peacemaker" and the trippy mellotron and languid guitar based "Fairy Tales Of Truth". Excellent '60's Dutch psychedelia.

note by me:

those more psychedelic are actualy not by Q65,but their 1968 ofshoot Circus
wich were more psychedelic and used lights shows
and wanted to make a performance for mind and body
and the that they sometimes sound like Group 1850 is because Circus had the same producer
i also added the A side of the only Circus single released (Medusa),the b-side was allready included on this album.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Goodness, Gracious Big Japanese GS Post On Fire!

no uploadd by me but i found this site with some excellent Group Sound Box Sets

i had to share this with you guys

Right Click>Save As

Cult GS Box
#1 Garage
#2 Dance and R&B
#3 Cult & Folk-Rock
#4 Classica - Fairyland
#5 Psych and On-Stage
#6 Soft Rock and Lounge

Cult GS Collection
Crown #1
Crown #2
Teichiku #1
Teichiku #2

GS, I Love You Too

Cult GS 7 Inch Box
#1 Red
#2 Blue
#3 Yellow
More of the Cult GS Complete Singles

Amazing GS #2 - Fuzz Guitar Garage Beats

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Masato Minami-Kaikisen(The Tropics)

1971 Japan Folk Rock

another japanese Folk Rock Gem with some blues
somewhat related to Happy End and even to Les Rallizes Denudes
because Haruomi Hosono(Happy End) plays Bass Guitar
and Takashi Mizutani(Les Rallizes Denudes) plays some guitar on this album
best track is imho the 7 minute+ Hateshinai Nagare ni Saku Mune Ipai no Ai
wich also was on the Anthology Of Japanese New Folk compilation

information on this
artist & album is sparse
and never saw this on slsk,so it seems to be quite rare in the western world
but here follows some more i could find:

Born in Tokyo in 1944. In 1964, while studying Spanish at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies he took off to Mexico. For two years he traveled throughout the United States and Europe. He started singing in the late 1960s, and made his debut with Jyan and Aoi Omokage in 1969. In 1971, he released the album, Kaikisen, which reached gold status but did not follow the folk music trend of the times, deciding to develop his own musical actvities. In 1988, he created the Inochi-no-Matsuri (Festival for Life). Thereafter, Inochi-no-Matsuri in Chang Mai, Thailand also took place in 1997 and 2002. Fall in 2003, he recorded his latest songs on themes like Love, Peace, life, Earth, Universe, and a Vision to Unfold the Future...and will continue to travel with his guitar strapped to his back


go get it!

credits to Shinsaku from japan for sending it!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy End-Singles

1970-1973 Japan Folk Rock

this is the last post in our celebrated happy end repost serie's

this collects all singles they released
and some solo single's by some bandmembers
i guess from the same time the band existed.

go get it!

me goes back to trying to get wi-fi to work in linux...
what a pain in the ass

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy End-Happy End

1973 Japan Folk Rock

third album recorded by Happy End

this one was recorded in Los Angeles and Van Dyke Parks
and some other guy are guest musicans on some tracks

and guys im using a new FAST webhost wich doesn limit the download speed
please leave your thoughts

go get it!
the missing song

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy End-Kazemachi Roman


1971 Japan Folk-Rock

the album wich has Kaze wo Atsumete wich was on the Lost In Translation OST

their second album,wich is equaly good as the first one
but for me the first one is the best

go get it!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


im back since thursday

stay tuned for some music tomorrow

Monday, May 07, 2007

Gone for some days

got a chemo cure tomorrow

see y'all thursday

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Teddy Robin & The Playboys-The 'In' Sounds Of Hong Kong!

1965 till 1969 Hong Kong Beat/Garage/Psychedelic Pop

got this album from some one about a month ago
first heard these guys on the Asian volume of the
Love,Peace and Poetry compilation serie's
with the excellent track Magic Colors
a long search followed to find more....
so here it is !
The Only Availible Compilation of this band

plus some tracks i found

"Not unlike all the Occidental places in the world, Hong Kong also experienced the beat boom in the mid '60s. Many groups appeared at that time, and some of them left some great records that still today are very fresh and enjoyable. Names like The Mystics, Danny Diaz and the Checkmates, Joe Jr. and the Side Effects or many others took the Hong Kong youth by storm, but no doubt that the most cool and successful group was Teddy R0bin & the Playboys. They released four albums, one double album and a big number of 45s, from 1965 to 1969. The double album was a kind of 'greatest hits' and today it's one of the most rare and sought-after collector's items from Asia. Their music ranged, during all the time they were active, from '60s pop, beat, garage, fuzz-punk and psychedelia. To our taste, we wouldn't say that their full discography is ace as they (like so many others by then) recorded some pretty lame pop songs as well. But hell how good the rest is! None of these albums has been reissued in any format, so here is, for the first time ever, a CD compilation of the coolest tracks by Hong Kong's sensation, Teddy Robin & the Playboys."

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy End-Happy End

REPOST!1970 Japanese Folk Rock

most people might know them from the Lost In Translation OST

there were some people who wanted to see this re-uploaded (the other albums will follow soon)

formed in 1969; a band that blended west coast US psychedelic rock styles with modern Japanese folk and soft progressive rock.They featured drummer Takashi Matsumoto and bassisst Haruomi Hosono both ex-Apryl Fool.
Haruomi Hosono later formed Yellow Magic Orchestra
Matsumoto is now one of the most successful lyricists in Japan. Suzuki and Ohtaki also had long and varied careers.

Moby Grape and Buffalo Springfield among others were cited as their influencers.

go get it!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Baby Grandmothers-Turn On,Tune In,Drop Out

1967 Swedish Psychedelic Rock

This is a cd that comes with the book The Encyclopedia of Swedish Progressive Music 1967-1979(wich i dont own)
i quote this from a review:

It's a previously unreleased 32-minute recording by Baby Grandmothers, from the legendary Club Filips in Stockholm, 1967

and the biggest suprise is that the quality is excellent

credits to slugbucket for sending it

go get it!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Taa-Daa! Unexpected Return

Something weird happened

My blood levels where a bit to low......they said the chemo cure could not be given
so i could go i phoned my dad and a hour later he arived to drive me home

now i will get the chemo cure next week tuesday